Fury & Threat: How Do You "Back Off"?

have a paly friend make a salv macro for you or try just doing auto attack's while tank works on getting threat high. some times i wait to hit my CDs till after 15-20 seconds have gone by in the beginning of a fight so i know i wont pull off the tank right away.
bugging paladins for salv seems to be a reoccurring theme for anytime they tweak warrior threat lol
This happens to my shadow priest all the time in icc pugs. First, all the salv suggestions wont work, 9/10 paladins don't even put salv on their bars or they don't really bother to listen to salv requests (it can be a pain sometimes to locate someone on a raid ui to target them specifically for salv). So what I usually do is just jump a few times. My priest is a BE so I normally wait for three of those circle jumps thingys which is normally enough time for the tank to get ahead on threat again or to pull the boss off me assuming I'm not dead already.

Good Holy/Prot palies have Salv ready.

Even before 4.0 I had big problems being threat capped on Saurfang and Fester (had to be sunderbot as well >.<). Our Prot pally had his salv macro'd to me. After 4.0 I couldn;'t even think about dpsing on those fights without Salv every CD unless I wanted to just stand around not attacking every so often.

Warriors and DKs need a passive threat reduction.

I'll happily take Feint from all the rogues who complain that it is a terrible ability.
God I love shadowmeld.
God I love shadowmeld.

Dang haxxin Night Elves.

Give me Pasture-form dangit.

Yeah Mr. Raid Boss. that grazing cow isn't any threat at all...

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