Anyone else having energy capping problems?

In my Lich king 25man fight tonight I was having constant energy capping problems in the first phase.

I had rupture at a full 5 pointer and had just envenomed at 4 points and my energy would be at 70-80 and I would be forced to cut envenom short just to miss energy capping.

I do have a sneaking suspicion its my heartpierce, but if theres something else could someone let me know?

Also. Is it better to envenom short or let energy cap in this instance?
With my engi gloves and SnD up I'm at 1050 haste...

Is there a haste cap I'm unaware of?
There is no haste cap for melee classes, no. I don't believe SnD increases your actual haste, just your attack speed, so it doesn't affect rupture or energy generation.

ah yes you're right it doesn' does get my offhand speed cut in half though.. which is.. delicious to say the least
You should envenom early instead of letting your energy cap.

These are correct informations.
I know exactly what you're talking about, my guild has been working on HLK25 for the past 2-3 weeks solid and you end up spamming a ton of envenoms in P1. As long as 1) you're pooling energy as much as is feasible to maintain high envenom buff uptime, and 2) you're maintaining high rupture uptime, then more finishers is great. More damage is never a bad thing. My haste is slightly higher than yours and the rotation is still comfortable enough, you just have to practice quick fingers.
you'll usually end up energy capping a fairly large amount during the 20 seconds that overkill is up, as has been said before, envenom to not hit that cap

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