strange flying animations

Bug Report
everytime since 4.0.1 hit that i've been in icecrown doing some mining on my dk, i've
noticed that all of the flying mobs (ie. wyrms and whelps) looks like their wings are
flapping about 10 times faster than usual, and every time I try to let a gm know, i get
a mail response to go look at the patch notes and other similar things.
I also have noticed this problem. Along with flying mobs flapping much faster, I also noticed that our draconic flying mounts don't flap at all when they fly forward. Their only animation is the "gliding" animation.

I mention this because there might be a possibility that they are related. It's possible in the process of changing flying mount animations (Which might be intentional), they somehow borked npc flying animations?
Hmm, never thought of putting the two together.
I suspect you maybe right. this is all the kow glitches since the patch they are working on... it's posted at the top of the report bug forum

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