What pet(s) will you use in Cata?

For me, here's what I'll do.
Pet 1: Veda, the NE druid flight form crow from Howling Fjord I got at level 10.
2: Koopaa, the Plagued Ghostland Turtle for soloing.
3: A seagul for just about everything.
4: A spider for PvP.
5: Whatever pet the number crunchers says is best for raiding.
Raptor, Wolf, Turtle

For BM:

Dino, Spirit beast
Skewer for leveling.

I lesbian my ravager.
Soul, my Wolf w/ghost skin.
I will have whatever is needed
Cat - for 155 agil and Str
Dino - for 5% crit and reduces healing
Rapter - 20% Arpen
Ravager - 5% add Physical Dmg
Worm - 4% add Physical Dmg and great AoE
Owl - Disarm
Spirit Beast - Healing
Chimera - Slow and AoE
Dog - Just because i love Mastiffs
Core Hound - for Heroism
I have a plethora of them for buff/debuff bringing purposes.

For soloing/leveling, though, it's going to be Micropterus, the venomtail scorpid I tamed at level 10 on my trial account. <3
I saved the name Cptbarbosa, gonna make him an undead hunter, and get a monkey pet which i will name him Jack.
Will switch between pets according to what buff is needed.
Kitty and Ghostcrawler= win
lol fox?
troll much?
Haha just being a dork, 6 years of starting different hunters some twinks when that was the thing to do.
But yes FOX I lerve them so! ^_^

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