ATSW replacement?

UI and Macro
GnomeWorks TradeSkill Frame, and there are no small annoyances to worry about.
That's looking pretty alpha at this point. Promising, but it's changing pretty quickly. He hasn't even done a release to Curse yet.

GnomeWorks is very solid at this point. And waiting for a curse release. *head desk* FYI, is the curse Developers repository site. IE, it is related to curse AND you can install any mod on with the curse installer. They even have a link to do so on each page of each mod.

Do yourself a favor, install GnomeWorks and give it a try. lilSparky has done a fantastic job and is working hard to make a fantastic mod.
Yes but it doesn't mill those damn weeds for you.
I'm not sure what is meant by "derps hard." I presume you mean that ATSW kacks (grin) on Inscription.

However, it doesn't "kack" for me; I had to schedule a bag of glyphs for my alts, and ATSW was there for me.

For me (with a 100% complete Inscription list) ATSW just locks the entire game when I try to open up Inscription.

A quick glance at comments on Curse says a) I'm not the only one and b) this has been happening for a while but has never been fixed.

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