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intentional mis-spelling.

In a word, Help. Without putting too fine a point on it, I am struggling in getting dps up.

I work to break 7500-8000 dps on the lvl80 herioc test dummy. Throw in a movement intensive fight like Herioc Put or Sindy ( any version).. and even with the buff I will often be below 6k.

I have reviewed logs on world of logs and see hunters popping over 15k and over 20K. Obviously I am doing something wrong.

Check out the build and specs for attached character. NoteI have removed all reforging except for the reforging needed to keep me at hit cap.

Shot/cast sequnce on the pull is wild magic pot, rapid fire, call of wild, serp sting, chimera, 2 stdy's.

I then go arcane, arcane, 2 ss, chimera, 2 ss, arcane arcane,.. etc.. with hitting the free aimed shot when it procs.

I also hit a new serp sting whenver tier set and/or twilight scale procs.

Please advise.
Hit you buttons harder :) (all kidding aside, for some people, this actually does help. The idea behind that is to minimize the effect of latency.)

High damage loss in movement fights are primarly due to Auto Shot loss. You have to be very mindful to stop moving when your auto shot will go off. Macro in /cast !Auto Shot into your shots, this will help in getting a few extra off if you happen to clip a few due to movement.

Take a look at your parses compared to the hunters that are getting these 15K+ numbers, for one, they have a Heroic 25 man weapon and thats a big chunk of damage. Also, take note of the number of shots used (not the damage, but the actualy quantity of shots) Are they getting in 10%, 20%, 50% more autoshots then you are?

As it is currently understood, for BM and MM, reforging your highest stat (typically crit) to Mastery appears to be the best option for 4.0.1 lvl 80.

I do belive that the Serpent Sting bonus only applied to the tier proc when it comes to when to reapply it. For other procs, it has not been worth it since the damage coefficant was reset to current AP when it was reapplied with Chimera. Now that there is no damage bonus with Sting and Chimera, its simply not worth the GCD to manually reapply during an increase in AP. You can drop imp serpent from your MM build.

Just focus yourself on the movement, pick up a swing timer addon (Quartz has one included) Kepp the missed Autos to a minimum and you'll see a huge change in DPS output.

Is mastery bugged on the new armory or do you really not have any?

It should help for marks.

edit: Also max out imp steady shot and drop bombardment. Rapid Killing will not help you at all for DPS so I'd drop the point there. You really want to max out Pathing.

And GLYPH KILL SHOT. It's mandatory.
I took a look at some of your recent parses and Auto Shot does seem to be the major culprit in your low DPS.
On your Rotface last night you got off 92 Auto shots in fight duration of 223 seconds. Your stand still auto shot cast time is 2.20 seconds without any outside haste or speed effects. If you were to stand still at a targeting dummy doing nothing but Auto Shot for the 223 seconds, you would be getting ~ 101 shots.
If you add JUST the 15% haste from Imp steady, you should be casting roughly 116 auto shots. Your looking at a difference in the area of 24 shots. You avg hit was 4462. That turns into about 115K lost damage from autoshot that you clipped.
There are other variables that would cause less or more shots being cast, but its a rough estimate of where one of the problems are.

A suggestion that may sound dumb but might really help out is to create a new hunter and kill mobs by useing only auto shot. Stand at max distance, right click on the mob to start auto shot. Quickly turn and run away stopping and flipping around to face the mob when your next auto shot is about to cast. It is a very basic way of learning to kite, but it also teaches how to do the stutter step. Work on basics and the rest will come.

Thx for the replies peeps!!

Kayko, I wondered about the autoshot qty, so to speak. It is not a big thing, in missing a big shot when it goes off.. it is losing that extra autoshot. Using your numbers.. 223 secs.. and 24 "shots" lost. using round numbers to make the math easy.. means every appx every 10 secs I am dropping 1 autoshot dps worth 4400 dmg.

Drlling in down deep into the theory crafting.. am droping 440 dps by missing that extra autoshot.

It also means I need to not drop haste for mastery but drop crit for mastery. am sitting at 60% crit unbuffed. can drop that easily to 56%/57% and up mastery.

And sadly.. the jump-shot is the weakest part of me skills. I just stood there while leveling and let the bear tank hold while I poke em with sticks. Obviously some work to do.

Again, thx all for the comments. very much appreciated!!
It also means I need to not drop haste for mastery but drop crit for mastery. am sitting at 60% crit unbuffed. can drop that easily to 56%/57% and up mastery.

This is correct.

For jump shotting, try kiting like Uvuros in SMV to Shattrath or something.
You can also do the Dreamwalker trial by fire, kiting blisterings around. On HM they move super fast so you can't let conc or trap fall off. You'll actually need to hotkey distracting shot for that one though. :o

Some other quick kiting advice: Keep your hotkeys very close to your movement keys. If you use WASD, you want Conc shot to be something like Q/E/Z/X or something like that. Or use shift + movement key for frost trap or something.

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