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Here is the short version...

LVL 70 Mage and Priest LF Alliance home on Zul'Jin to do Cataclysm 10 man raids with the possibility of 25 man. We have lvl 80 characters on another server but will level these characters up and make them our new mains. Two most important things in the guild to me are being friendly and raiding (not hardcore but regularly).

Read on for the long version...

I have a level 70 Mage and am looking for a FRIENDLY guild that is capable and actively raiding often up to and including 25 man runs. I am 27, follow directions, capable of leading (though prefer not), have vent and can make most if not all runs between 7pm – 2am weekdays (can run longer if necessary), almost anytime on weekends. Earlier is not really possible during the weekdays due to my work schedule.

My fiancé is 28 and is a more reserved player who will most likely not be attending raids. She is willing to try raiding but would have to be the third wheel so to speak. She would mostly be a fill in but if the occasion calls for it I can step in on one of her characters to help the guild.

We don’t really require or ask for assistance through leveling or after but we are willing to help others. Till level cap we are pretty much loners.

Mostly and to repeat the above, we are looking for a FRIENDLY guild that is actively raiding. These two things are equally important. To stress actively raiding, I do not mean that something is thrown together almost every week. I am looking for a spot either directly in or on a waiting list to join well organized, regular, geared and educated raid run interested in progression with new content. As far as 25 man runs, I know these are more difficult not only to run but to get a group together. At the least, I expect a semi regular group making attempts at learning and completing 25 man runs.

Also, we have other high level characters (two to note, 80 Tankadin and 80 Warlock) we might transfer over and we will also be making new Alliance characters during Cataclysm to join the guild (Warrior or Druid for me and a Hunter for her).

The only other thing to mention is my interest in the game. If raiding or guild social events start to MAJORLY slow down for weeks at a time, I will admittedly lose interest and often take extended breaks but I always come back. That said, once I find a guild I know within the first few days whether it’s a match and never quit. I have only had two guilds since first starting the game (one horde and one alliance) and only transferred because they disbanded.

Whatever guild I join on this character will be my main guild; my attention will not be split anywhere else at this time. I do not foresee making another horde character and any alliance would, granted permission, join the same guild.
Hey Aeragorn!

If I understand correctly, you are looking to level up your 70 Mage to raid on him during Cataclysm? That's cool, I'm finishing off this Blood DK for the same purpose :)

I'd like to tell you about our Guild, though we are not "actively" raiding at the moment. Outside of joining the odd PUG raid on one of our other characters, my wife and I are mostly having fun leveling alts, and looking for people to join us to help make a great raiding community.

I know you mentioned wanting to raid 25-mans, but how would you feel about a 10-man guild? We are going that route because we prefer the smaller raids, and the closer connections you can form with your guildies when there aren't so many conflicting personalities.

We will definitely be pushing progression and raiding on a steady, 3 night per week schedule, but we will never consider ourselves "hardcore", and we'd rather be a 'people first' guild than a 'server first' guild. Your fiancee would be more than welcome to join us as a regular member, and join us for as much alt night raiding as she feels comfortable with.

You sound like good people, and I'd be honored if you would both check out our site and consider helping us grow our community. Thanks for reading.

Yeah, you are on another server though. I am looking for Zul'Jin.

Thanks though.
Reincarnated is a raiding guild on Turalyon PVE. Our members are from various types of raiding guilds. Many of our members are server transfers seeking better progression. We are a fairly laid back guild as long as there is progression at a dedicated pace.


ICC 10 - 12 / 12 7/12 Hardmodes

Website: http://www.reincguild.net

Cataclysm Schedule:

Group 1: Tues- Friday 9pm-12am
Group 2 Tues-Friday 8pm-12am
Group 3 Tues-Friday 12am-4am
Group 4 Tues-Friday 5pm-10pm


We also may extend our weekly raid times past the raid time if we believe that we are close to hitting a goal point of some type. We try to keep the schedule the same however.

We are currently seeking the following to fulfill our rosters for cataclysm.


- Any class/spec is always welcome to apply!
*An updated list is always at reincguild.net

We do not believe in having a lot of waitlist players so we keep our core small and fill it with reliable players with likeminded goals. If you cannot be relied on AT LEAST 3 nights a week every week then you will NOT get into the core group. - We do alt runs and casual runs on weekends or days we are not raiding (optional days)

As always if your class is not listed but you believe that you would make a good fit with our guild feel free to submit your application.

Please apply at http://www.reincguild.net
Thanks for the interest but I am looking for guilds on Zul'Jin as I just transferred there.

Edited original title to indicate the server.
Check out our recruiting post mate. We're on Zul'jin and looking for a couple folks.

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