Gems and enchants for new 80 healadin?

I have no clue which ones are the best. Help please?
Here's a basic list of enchants:

Head - Arcanum of Burning Mysteries or Arcanum of Blissful Mending (want more crit, or spirit?)
Shoulder - Greater Inscription of the Crag
Chest - +10 Stats
Wrist - Greater Spellpower
Legs - Brilliant Spellthread
Boots - Greater Spirit (depending on your runspeed needs)
Weapon - Mighty Spellpower
Shield - Greater Intellect
Well sent the new changes ^ is a good way to look once you get good gear but watch out some enchants can be high price. Just a lil heads up. And don't drop epic gems in blues or under lvl 251 gear just not needed sent you can buy tier 10 with jp points now
Also ur main gem in ur gear is most likely going to be Int... i occationally through a haste, and int/haste gem in my gear...

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