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On 25 man we assign a group to be the plague group, they hang out in a specific area and pass the plague to each other and move out while they have the 1 minute immunity.

I did this for the first time on 10s last night and I think we one-shot it with a couple of people that had never done the fight and were unfamiliar with the mechanic. We simply used Vent heavily for communication and had the infected person run to a designated spot. When they were ready to pass it on, they called out and someone would run over and grab it and hang out there, rinse and repeat.
Good communication is needed.

We went from having a lot of issues with this, to 1 shotting it every week. Because we changed the strat.

The melee, tank and 1-2 healers (to make '4' people') stack together with the boss.

The ranged make a ( / half moon shape around the boss about 10 yards out from the melee in a line about 8-10 yards apart there should be 5 ranged in this half moon.

What we do is have myself make the first 'point' of the moon then have people lined up along it around where the boss usually will be tanked. Which for us is under the green spout.

When the disease comes out whomever gets it passes it to the next person in the 'half moon line' after 12 seconds no more because it gets frusterating to heal through if something else goes wrong. So usually it goes from me - next person - next person - next person - next person (all 5 people in half moon circle around boss) - to MELEE/healer in melee - melee take it to me if they have to.

Lets say the melee get it first they just keep the line going, keep for 12 sec then pass to me. If the 3rd person in the half moon gets it, they just pass to 4th - 5th - melee - back to myself - 2nd person. ETC. Its very easy once people get the hang of it.

Now you just need 4 people minimum to stack for the green ooze. So what happens is if someone has disease they dont stack, the melee ' follow ' the green ooze to the ranged person if the ranged person gets the green so that = 4 people + more in the stack when it hits. (IF the person people are stacking on has the disease the person who is supposed to 'take' the disease next in the line quickly runs gets it then runs away before the green ooze hits them and the people stack.
If the melee get the green there is already 4 people there in the stack and I just run and grab the disease from them if a melee has it. Ranged healers sometimes run in and join in on the stacking if close enough then go back to moon shaped circle around boss.

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