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Upon entering a 5man man, for the first few seconds there should be a big bright bold "Don't run ahead of tank and heals"

Especially places like stratholme or scholomance
if they cant figure that out on their own, telling them isn't gonna change anything.
I call this trial by fire.

Dumb player enters instance, runs into death. Game over for him.

Its the same reason I let boss's kill dps that pull aggro off me more than once. Back in the days of Molten Core, pulling a boss off a tank more than once was enough to be kicked out of the raid.

Being killed should learn em good.

As another option, vote to kick the dumb player. It might hurt your event if its a timed one, but slowly they will learn.
Only if there is big bright bold text that says "Its not necessary to do a ready check before every single pull", and "You don't need your 1-2 minute cooldowns to tank every single trash encounter".

I've had a ton of both, sadly. Really, its not EQ1. Its not even pre-nerf BC heroics or MGT. Except for some of the tougher pulls, a pally or druid tank could probably live off their own self-healing.

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