Frost DPS

Hello, I've been playing my mage for awhile. Is it good enough for being a DPS spec or is weak still?

I know my enchants need working on(leave me alone I just started focusing on this guy recently)

So is Frost viable?

Sorry if this has been addressed somewhere else.
Frost is plenty viable right now. Maybe not the best, but surely viable. Almost anything is viable right now.
I'll go with that. I tried Arcane and I just couldn't do it. Hopefully It'll get better.
I find it funny that in tuning the game for level 85, Blizzard has (whether intentional or not) made Frost a very raid-viable spec.

Whether it will remain that way through to level 85 remains to be seen.
Trust me, it was very intentional.
PvP frost got ruined for it unfortunately. I'm going to be a broken record on this subject for awhile. :/
How did they break pvp frost? Besides for the obvious OP-ness of ice lance, it's almost the same, if not better. Once 85 rolls around and ice lance doesn't do nearly what it does now, frost will almost be exactly what it was.

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