Steady Hands/Cut the Wire

I have been trying for months to finish these two achievements without much luck. Does anyone have any tips or tricks that might help me finish them?

Cut the Wire doesn't require you to do it all in one BG (as far as I know) so if you disarm one or two per game you should eventually be able to get it. As for steady hands, I guess just park yourself near where you think they're going to place the charges and hope for the best.
Yeah it just seems like lately with the amount of damage going on, its getting much harder to control things long enough to get a cast off in time.

Oh well, figured I would give it a shot.
Hide on the ramp that goes up to the turret at a gate, and pan your camera out so you can see the front of the gate (make sure you aren't visible). Someone will eventually come and plant a bomb, and most of the time they will immediately mount up and leave it, that's your cue to swoop down and disarm it.
Most of the time, if they don't notice you at first, you'll disarm it before they can even react, then you can just head for the teleport and repeat the same steps.

As far as doing this 5 times in a match, it depends on your luck, I guess.
The last "RNG" Battlemaster achievement I need is [Not Even a Scratch], which is pretty much luck based as well and have been trying for it for the passed 3 months now.

Also, a great strat if the player that drops a bomb is a caster is to strangulate them and then disarm it.
Good suggestions, I may try to get something like that going.

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