Suggestion for Earthquake Replacement

I already posted this on the current community site, but, thought you converts might want to check it out; and I wanted to make my first post over here constructive =P

I think it's no secret, and i think it's rather unanimous that Earthquake isn't well liked as our 31st Talent point in Elemental;

I for one; if given the choice would only go 30 points into Elemental, And I believe this is something that most people would agree with atm.

I for one find that giving us what is basically the mage spell Blizzard; with a smaller radius and a 'Knockdown' is quite a slap in the face as a 31st talent point; (don't get me wrong the ablity is 'neat' but it's not 31st talent point material).

So I really think it should be a trainable ability (if Blizzard really thinks we need an AoE spell that can be used in raids) And it should be replaced with something;

My idea for a NEW 31st talent point goes something like this;

Crashing Waves; (i was inspired to this idea by the Svaldir mobs in BT)
Make it something like a 1.5second cast; with the typhoon type graphic and typhoon-like feel, except that it must target an enemy and travels to them. It should have a knockdown to anything in it's path, and give allies a 30% speed boost for 4 to 5 seconds.

It would have a cooldown of course (something similar to thunderstorms); and given ele's mana issues on beta, it'd be cool to make it consume all your watershield orbs, or something like that. It could be glyphed to no longer knockdown/give allies a speed boost; very similar to how Thunderstorm works, for a damage increase or cooldown decrease.

This ability would provide a really unique Peel for shaman in PvP, It would give us a really cool and unique cleave-type Spell in PvE, and Lorewise it would bring Water to the table. Also, we could make cool Pokemon puns. BLASTOISE USED SURF, etc.

So as it stands something like;

Crashing Wave;
1.5sec Cast-time 30sec CD,
Does X amount of damage to the target and to all targets it hits on the way to the target; Damage is reduced by X% for each target it hits. Knocksdown all targets for Xseconds and gives allies in the affected area a 30% speed boost for 4seconds. Consumes all watershield charges.

Proposed Glyphs affecting Crashing Waves;
-Glyph of Crashing Wave; Prime; Allies affected by the speed boost are also cleansed of all moving impairing buffs; The knockdown now lasts for X less seconds.
-Glyph of Currents; Minor; Crashing Wave no longer knocksdown enemy targets and no longer gives allies a speed boost, but no longer consumes your water shield (you still generate as much mana as you would otherwise.).

Feedback/Constructive Criticism Very Welcome.
Decent idea, but Elemental no longer uses Water Shield either in PvE and probably very little in PvP but then again I don't PvP much.
One prob with this "Consumes all watershield charges. ". Elemental uses lighting shield, not water.
Ah, i completely forgot about that;

Would you guys say eating Lighting Shield charges for mana would be an interesting thing to put in the rotation? (as they are generated now through Lightning Bolt and such from that talent)

How this works with a wave of water would be hard to fathom, but maybe you could just say it gets conducted into it forcing them to discharge?

Or we could just take that part out and have it return mana on it's own, or only when you are using Water Shield.

(i believe at this point in time you'd use Water Shield in pvp, as that talent seems kind of clunky in an arena setting, but i could be wrong there.)
Speak for yourself. I live on Mana Shield in PvE, AND Earthquake is my favorite new ability bar-none.

That being said, a water-based offensive spell would be pretty neat...
Speak for yourself. I live on Mana Shield in PvE, AND Earthquake is my favorite new ability bar-none.

That being said, a water-based offensive spell would be pretty neat...

keep in mind, i'm not 'dogging' Earthquake, i'm just saying that having it as our 31st talent point is rather... unthoughtful of Blizzard. I think EQ is pretty cool, just bland and useless as a 31st talent point, because it isn't good to use on boss fights or in Arena PvP, (it may be useful in rated BGs, but I kind of doubt it...)

Speak for yourself. I live on Mana Shield in PvE, AND Earthquake is my favorite new ability bar-none.

That being said, a water-based offensive spell would be pretty neat...
we are in need of a water nuke, but i would prefer it to be baseline.

on to your idea, I don't think that the buff/debuff would be very helpful in arena and solo (and 1x1 pvp). when you think about it: how often are your allies/enemies all lined up so that the majority of players will be effected? I like the concept, but i just see it failing in two major aspects of this game.

Something that i think would be better is:

1.5sec Cast-time 30sec CD,

Does X amount of damage to the target, and causes it to drown. Drowning drains the target's health over 8 seconds, spawning a pool underneath it's feet every second. Pools expand steadily and deal damage equal to x% of target's health to nearby enemies (including target)

Glyph of Drowning (Prime): increases seconds of the Drown debuff by x, and the damage the pools deal by y.
Glyph of Flood (Minor): increases pool initial size and ending size, but decreases initial dot to target.

OR (one that i think would be kinda cool):

1.5sec Cast-time 30sec CD,

Does X amount of damage to the target and tosses them into the air. Target will take no damage while falling, but will recieve a debuff called Unstable Earth. Unstable Earth has a 50% chance to spawn another geyser underneath the target. The original location also has a 30% chance to erupt a second or third time. Each subsequent eruption deals y% of previous eruption's damage to enemies within z yards and tossing them into the air.
Glyph of Steam (minor): Geyser will no longer toss enemies up, but damage is increased.
Glyph of Geyser (prime): Geyser's damage and blast radius is increased.
Well typically in a pvp setting you'll have teammates that need 'peels' (i'm not sure how arena savvy you are, so don't take this explanation as an insult); Typically you'll have a let's just say a Warlock Partner, he's getting attacked by a rogue, if the rogue is on top of the warlock (stunlocking him or just going ballstothewall damage on him) 'Crashing Wave' would manage to affect both of them. (I'm going to say that it pretty much has a Typhoon-like radius, in my Theory).

Also, against 'melee cleave' teams (that is teams with two melee attackers in 3s) you'll be more than capable of hitting 3 targets at a time.

And being good at hitting all of them would probably require some sort of skillcap, which i think adds to the abilities attractiveness.
yea change it
You converts?

Get out of my forum, goat.
You converts?

Get out of my forum, goat.

I meant that in an endearing way, and if it makes you feel any better i'm totally going goblin when cata launches =P
In my opinion from what I've seen personally on the beta...Earthquake is definitely not 31st talent point material. I mean its true while most classes are not using their AoE on bosses most classes don't have to talent into an AoE that does "Alright" dmg. From what I've heard it doesn't scale with SP which explains why it does less dmg compared to other AoEs. My biggest problem isn't that its a 31st talent point but rather a not so exciting point. There really is no reason that something like that spell thats on the same lines as blizzard, hurricane and rain of fire can't be learned baseline. I would honestly rather have Thunderstorm as a 31st point and make Earthquake baseline. I'd feel more accomplished by reaching that 31st point...TS would also be a spell we would use in PVP and PVE without question.

Basically if we even have to question investing a point in it...its definitely not worthy to be in that spot.
Earthquake just needs to be fixed, not dumped. Needs to be a little bigger and slow targets. Then make the chance to knock down 20% for the first half and 10% for the second half of the duration.
Personally, I don't see a lot of use out of Earthquake. I think it was a cool idea to give shaman's an earth based spell since we are masters of the elements.

I think that it looks cool and gives the appropriate feel of control of the elements but as a 31 point talent which is the big reward for being elemental or any spec from any class, it feels as though it could have been so much more.

Its limited in use (like all aoe spells) to fighting groups with enough mobs in them to justify its steep mana cost and that if there aren't enough its better to just spam chain lightning. Also, if there are too many mobs your tank may not be able to control them all in which case you may pull aggro (which again is the case for most other aoe spells). The difference is that our AoE spell which is just a cooler looking version of blizzard/hurricane/rain of fire costs a talent point.

Here are the cliff notes:

1. Earthquake is limited to specific situations due to mana costs/poor dps if there aren't enough targets/tanks ability to hold aggro in AoE fights.

2. Our 31 point talent is a basic AoE spell that most casters get as a baseline power.

3. We deserve something unique as our 31 point talent that makes us feel good about playing our spec.

My suggestion:

Blades of the Earth
channeled 30 yard range
8 second cast 20 sec CD
Fires up to 5 shards of earth at randomly selected targets (including your primary target) within 8 yards of your primary target each second for X amount of physical damage. Damage is divided up between the number of targets being effected up to a maximum of (50-70%) of the total damage against a single target. (10-20)% knockdown chance.

Having it only strike up to 5 targets would keep it from getting to the point where aoe spells start dealing reduced damage cause there are too many targets and would hopefully justify it hitting harder than AoEs that just hit everything.

This spell would also stay effective as the number of mobs left alive diminished as each target under 5 would make the remaining strikes hit harder and having it top out at X% for a single target would keep it from being OP in PvP or something that would be regularly used in a single target rotation.

If there is any feedback or criticism please feel free to make it about my post. Earthquake as a 31 point talent isn't the end of elemental but it is something I think could be a lot better.
Im kinda fine with earthquake, after throwing down magma totem i get some nice aoe.

But my idea for something would be "Lava Eruption"
In short would sprout mini fissure's that would ooze lava spreading out in almost a random direction, which mite lower dps but it wouldint be channeled giving time to go back to rotation

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