Hunter arena comp for Cata?

anyone playing the beta have any general idea as to what comps might seem good for hunters?

also, i'm not looking for any "hunters are bad at 85 reroll something else QQ." i enjoy playing hunter and i could care less how terrible they may seem to be.

any possible links to videos with hunters in arena at 85 would be cool too.
Realistcly. Things are loooking grim, its hard to See a good comp when we lack the proper tools to do our job.

but if your looking to try anyways.
Ive heard spriest, hunter, Holy pally is decent?
no way of knowing anything solid right now though.
if arena is more about mana and control and less about retarded damage, I think good hunters have a place. Marks and surv have always had good control. Losing viper sting hurts, but having focus is an advantage when mana is an issue

BGs are competitive too, and I think every class has the potential to be very good in those.
The only real thing hunters are good for in a group PvP setting is for distraction and lucky CC.

I swear, every premade vs premade in WSG, I instantly get tunneled. :O

And I don't even have the flag.

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