Dislike of Resto Design

From face-value, the Resto Tree looks nice and has a few nifty things to refresh the class but honestly, from what I've tested so far (and please do not consider me any kind of expert) the "triage" that Blizzard has expected from us appears to be hurting or hindering the Resto Build.

I understand the concept that blizzard wants us to choose our heals, prioritize our targets and use utility spells in between. But frankly, there are some encounters where there will be spike damage (or you are dealing with a squishy tank) and you just cant counter or avoid the spike damage.

And I'm not saying that we aren't topping meters because, for the most part, we are but as everyone knows...topping meters isn't what the game is about.

I'm annoyed with the fact that although you can have as many hots as you want up, we have to rely on Swiftmend (specced into Efflorescence) in order to pick up any spike damage.

Now for the most part, Swiftmend + Efflorescence does a great job overall but in an emergency situation the 15sec cooldown on swiftmend is a real killer.

I have to choose between the Tank, DPS, or myself/another healer. Now, my priority on who to heal isn't the problem..it's the fact that once I make that decision..I can't save anyone else from the excessive damage. To add to this, let's say I swiftmend the tank but we have another dps or another tank who is also taking a tonne of damage but they are not in range of my effloresence...they're screwed..I can't pick them up and I can only hope to god they can save themself or someone else heals them.

My only option is to spam regrowth and make sure a rejuv is on them...but even that's not enough.

I also dislike the fact that Lifebloom ticks so bloody fast that it drops off extremely early. I can't put LB on the tank and then move back to the rest of the guild...by the time i get back to the tank its 1) already dropped off or 2) my attempt at refreshing it with Healing Touch/Nourish fails because both of those spells take far too long to cast.

In conclusion, my overall opinion (yes it's an opinion and I'm open to suggestions on how others manage) is that the cast times for our direct heals take way too long, Lifebloom drops way too fast, and the CD on swiftmend is a serious hindrance and I do not see any other alternatives that are better at picking up spike damage.

As a side note to the community, what is the general opinion on Tranquility? Is it viable to use these days or is it still trash?

As always, I'm open to your opinions and suggestions but if you insist on trolling or flaming in any way I will simply ignore you.

And Blue posters, please take the above into consideration and please re-look at the tree.
The tree is fine.

Efflorescence is not meant to cover spike damage. It is more to give an area some "splash" healing.

Swiftmend is great, but it is not the end-all-be-all for quick heals. Healing touch is a great gap filler for moderately fast heal, and Nourish is kinda as well. But if you are looking or a "flash heal/Flash of Light/Lesser Healing wave" fast spell, you are healing with the wrong class.

LB is amazing. You should always keep it up for Revitalize and you have 9ish seconds to use 1 GCD to refresh it. You dont have to cast HT or Nourish it refresh it, although they do refresh it... If the tank is not near death... Simply cast another LB. These are what we call "options".

Haste is your friend as well. Get current cap of 1067? Something like that and you will notice a huge difference.
Just refresh Lifebloom with Lifebloom if you don't have time to refresh it with Nourish/HT. 10 seconds is more than enough; if we once managed to roll it on multiple targets with a 1.5 GD and 7 sec duration, you can manage it on one target with a fast GCD and longer duration. If you're having trouble remembering, just run around Dalaran when you're not doing anything and just keep casting Lifebloom at the end of the duration. Eventually, you will be able to keep it rolling without even thinking about it. I pay absolutely no attention to my Lifebloom timer anymore and I still keep ~90% 3 stack uptime in raids. It just takes practice.

I agree spike damage in the Beta can get pretty difficult to handle, but I think that is because we're not supposed to be able to handle it. The sea witch adds on the first boss of the Throne of the Tides heroic, for instance, do a ridiculous chain lightning that's pretty difficult to heal through if your party members aren't interrupting their casts -- but it is manageable if they do. Of course, pugs never do what they're supposed to, and it's unfortunate that Blizzard has decided to manifest the consequences of those failings as a burden on the healer (Did you guys miss being blamed for every wipe!?! IT'S BACK). I liked it much better when scrubs would just get one shot instead of draining my mana dry.
Our flash heal is regrowth, and frankly it works great for that, particularly if you swiftmend it. Also Tranquility now is fantastic, frankly it's always been fantastic it was just limited by it's party only restriction. It's even stronger now and is not party specific. Once cata hits it'll actually be useful to put nourish and ht on targets, I have not done much raiding on the beta servers but I did do a lot of 5 mans and it's much different than what we're seeing now with a system designed for lvl 85 but sitting at lvl 80
I don't care how useable the current design is....

I hate it.....

I want my hots back
Regrowth is no longer a Hot
Life Bloom used to be my favorite hot... but is now severly limited.

I don't want to cast nourish....
Druid healing pre-nourish was more artful...now we just another
healer spaming flash heals

I hate the TOL buff....
It makes for awesome healing

BUT... I really can't see this game mechanic as ever balancing out....
Right now it is an awful game mechanic because you might as well
macro TOL to every heal you have just to make sure you cast it on
every cooldown (stupid idea..but it is being done.)
Might as well make the TOL a passive mutation that happend every
2 minutes ...

..basically TOL makes druids a diseased class that can't hold a form anymore
and regularly mutates against their will.
Of course, pugs never do what they're supposed to, and it's unfortunate that Blizzard has decided to manifest the consequences of those failings as a burden on the healer (Did you guys miss being blamed for every wipe!?! IT'S BACK). I liked it much better when scrubs would just get one shot instead of draining my mana dry.

This is why you never pug :) or at least run with one or two dps from your guild that are not morons.
Since they did away with TOL being a form it has made a druid healer just another boring heal class that has nothing special and it also basically ruined a resto druid in PVP. Resto druids are worthless for pvp without tree form.
Resto druids are worthless for pvp without tree form.

... I think I'm going to love being able to downrank posts with these new forums...

The idea that resto is doomed without a permanent form is so stupid I don't even know how to counter it.
Resto druids are worthless for pvp without tree form.

You're doing it wrong then.

I'm actually surviving longer without treeform, and honestly didn't use it much before the patch because it turned me into a huge target.

I used it as a snare breaker before, now I just pop cat to do it.
If you think Resto Druid is bad...go try a Disc Priest and lemme know how that goes.
I don't understand the complaints about 4.0 resto (on live -- I'm not in the beta). We're much stronger now than we have been at any point in this expansion. Resto healing is so ridiculous in 4.0 that most of ICC10 can be solo healed with ease.

Lifebloom? Lifebloom was never effective as anything but a tank heal, and it's much better now than it was in 3.x. If you were using LB as a raid heal then you were doing it wrong, and you should be happy that 4.0 forces you to stop. Nourish? Useless at 80 because mana isn't a concern; has been effectively replaced by Regrowth, which is a better spell than Nourish was. The Regrowth HOT was always worthless; now it's slightly less worthless because it allows you to Swiftmend right after a flash heal if needed. Rejuv is better than ever and heals for a ridiculous amount with 1016 haste for 6 regular ticks and GotEM for the on-cast tick. The mere fact that our HOTs can crit now is a vast improvement. Efflorescence is great for certain situations (Infest comes to mind), and even when you don't need it for itself, it's still a decent bonus for Swiftmend. Tranquility used to be almost worthless, now it's an awesome raid save.

The ToL CD is something I was skeptical about, but now I have to admit I was wrong because it's incredibly useful for high-damage phases like P3 Putricide, P2 Sindragosa, etc. I could care less about losing permanent tree form aesthetically -- I was tired of it anyway and I hated the way every resto druid in the raid looked identical.

Basically we got an across-the-board buff in 4.0. I literally cannot think of a single way that resto was better in 3.x. Posts like this mystify me.
Healing mostly out of ToL form has, I think, actually made the class more fun to play.

I'm with Heebie, if your having problems keeping peeps on their feet then your doing it wrong (or they are).

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