Dustwallow Marsh

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Vaethria was talking about Tanaris, not Thousand Needles.
I haven't read the rest of the posts in my own thread, >.>, but I just wanted to say that I was getting off topic and my main problem with Dustwallow is the lack of quest revamping. The geographical part annoys me but I can get over it. I just wish they updated the quests more than anything.
The main reason why they didn't update Dustwallow is that it had already been updated, recently, near the end of TBC. They had to prioritize updating it and they decided to update other zones that hadn't been touched since lost.

Vis a Ve Feralas flooding, the lower, eastern parts of it DO flood. But Feralas is actually very high above sea level, there are hills in the eastern area that let you rise above sea level and then there's a huge cliff to the west that you have to go down to get to the (former) site of Feathermoon stronghold.

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