Tome of Polymorph:Turtle

I recently "consumed" this and it had no effect. is it broken or is their an activison or something?
oh lol, thanks
Is this moving to something else, or should I buy one now?
It has already been stated that this will remain within the game. We don't know (as far as I'm aware) how it will be obtained in Cata, though.
I wish they would get rid of it, I don't want them to make this ability so super easy to get. I always love being the only mage around that polymorphs into a turtle.
I'd pick it up now - you dunno how/when they're going to make it available again. It might show back up right around the time we get a sortable character list or our damned moose. Gahz is pretty easily farmed by a Mage, just bring your Waterbro and some Mirror Dudes.

Currently it's Sheep, Pig, Turtle, Rabbit, Black Cat, and glyphs for Penguin and Monkey.

Gotta catch 'em all.
have had this spell since vanilla on my first mage, and tbc on this mage ! :D
I've got 10 extra books banked waiting for 4.0.3a to drop and see what they do with the spell. Here's to hoping it's 2000g+ on a vendor. :P
I like PolyMonkey the best.
@ Mottthehoople

I had a moment of dyslexia and read your name as "Motthepoophole".

As for the topic - get your Poly(Turtle) tomb while is lasts/exists!

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