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I for one thought Sunwell was the greatest, most well tuned instance of all WoW time. I havn't raided, or even played much in Wrath because... well.
To see the endgame instance of Wrath can be done with half the people it was balanced around is very unsettling to me.

With Sunwell/Naxx40 at one end and ICC at the other, where abouts do YOU think the difficulty of Cata raids are falling?

Note: Yes, I realize that those are endgame instances and all that is out in Cata right now is the first tier of content. As we don't have anything better to go off of, please understand the intent of the question and keep it mature. Also, please no 'BLizz is stupid cuz this!!!' crap, it helps NOTHING.

3 drake Sarth was 3 maned

That means that bosses outnumbered players...
Completion rates of Sunwell relative to the general population were comparable to achievement rates of Light of Dawn. It should be judged accordingly.

ICC10 regular is tuned for people in 245s and 232s and has since been nerfed 30%. People roflstomping it in 277 gear, a full three tiers above the instance itself, is no more a problem than people undermanning Kara in T6.

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