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I'm looking at upgrading my video card in my early 2008 Mac Pro (Intel dual 2.8 GHz, quad core, 2GB RAM). Currently I'm sporting the ATI Radeon HD 2600 card that came with the computer. The new OSX update 10.6.5 seems to have helped my FPS issues some, but I still want to see Cataclysm and SC2 in greater graphical glory. :)

So I was thinking of the ATI Radeon HD 5770. Apple states that it requires a mid 2010 Mac Pro, but I've heard it is compatible as long as you have an Intel Mac with 10.6.4+. Anyone have any advice on this option, or are aware of any issues with using this card in an earlier Mac? Or is there a better option in a similar price range?

Thanks for any advice!
The 5770 is the best you'll do at that price range, but save up for the 5870 if at all possible. The 5770 will soundly trounce that 2600XT, but the 5870 will eat it alive, crap it out, then eat it again and puke it up.
i upgraded from a 4870 to a 5870 and what a world of difference, and by spec comparison the 5770 is about the same power of a 4870 at half the price and power usage. but head to head marginal performance over a 4870 at best. but 5870 just craps on both of them leaps and bounds. at least 30-40fps higher in a 2008 mac pro over a 4870 or 5770. can run ultra water and sunshafts and still hold 60+fps ( i actually haven't turned my cap off yet to see what my actual fps is, i just know i'm staying at my cap except maybe around crowded dalaran or stormwind during invasion then the cpu falls behind the gpu, ironicly even as low as 12fps in an area with 200 people literally, the gpu is not lagging in least bit, i can spin camera around like nothing. of course i can't get above 12fps in that situation even if i turn graphics to low, cause it's not gpu lagging, at that point the cpu is just chugging along on the overhwhelming overhead of that much crap on screen at once, but at least even in that situation there is apsolutely no lag, you can move around smooth and spin around smooth, )
I ordered an ATI Radeon HD 5770 for my 2006 Mac Pro the other day to replace the GeForce 7300 that it came with. Hopefully I'll install it tonight. I will post my results.
Please post here with how things went.

I ordered the 5870 for my Mac Pro at home (2009 model) but I have a friend with the 2006 model and the 2600 and he would like an update.
I've got a 285 GTX but they're pretty hard to come by now as they discontinued them. They do run the game well though.
I've got a 285 GTX but they're pretty hard to come by now as they discontinued them. They do run the game well though.

Dang, looks like craig's list or e-bay then...

Wonder if anyone has tested WoW 4.0 on one of these ?

That will probably run WoW slower than a 5870 or possibly even a GTX 285. That's actually a low end Fermi-based Quadro. However, the good news is that this means real Fermi support for folks who like to tinker. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping the driver can be tweaked to allow for GTX 580 support.

And the 5870 is faster than the GTX 285.
I've actually got an oem evga gtx 285 w/box for sale. PM me I can put it on ebay

It still comes w/ the manufacturer's warranty until 2/2012 and I already prepaid ($50) to have them RMA/ship their card first before you send yours back.

Do not buy a quadro to play games. Quadro is meant for 3drendering which sounds good but translates to poor gameplay and honestly they're not even worth the money even if you are rendering.

The 5870 is not much faster than a gtx285 and even lost in motion benchmark, but is still a great card.


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