Blood-Tempered Ranseur and Verigan's Fist

Anyone else sad about losing them? :(
Glad I got mine lol. For a lowbie polearm it's pretty fancy-looking.
Mine's safely tucked away in my bank, thankfully. Sad to see the quests go, regardless.
Due to a messed up computer I can't see if I still have mine, been forever on this toon. If I don't have it anymore I will be disappointed. =(
Safely tucked away in the bank. Feel bad for any new pallies that will miss out on these weapons.
I will be rocking my Verigan's for the years to come. Pity there's an Outland random green with its skin out there, but there's nothing like the memories of the old world I'll be getting when I wear it around town.
Got it, and several other weapons I found notable while leveling, in my bank. But yes, it is a shame that the quests themselves are leaving us.
*runs off to check his bank*

*sorts through several bags of RP outfits*

*grabs and holds his Blood Tempered Ranseur*

Yup, couldn't bear to get rid of that and the 2 hander from the Blood Elf starting quests.
I still remember going pale the day I realized that my Blood Tempered Ranseur was not in my bank as I thought. (I later server/faction changed to play with co-workers... *shrug*)

I really hope that Blizz decides to reuse the model sometime.

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