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Fellow horde players
can i ask just one question?
Why don't you like garrosh?
He is what the horde should be like. Thrall was cool and all (2nd fav char) but Garrosh just seems more like a horde warrior who doesnt bow before any, and his might breaks all who oppoise him.
Lets face it, he is not dumb at all and i've seen some videos of him doing the RIGHT things that a warchief would.
what is that you ask?
an comander that blows up some tauren town because (i belive it was allys in that town) of some allys.
so what does Garrosh do?
he kills the guy for doing that(its pretty cool how he kills him too)
Sylvanas wants to raise more undead, but garrosh thinks that she should stop.
why is it bad?
well there are pros and cons to this one.
pro: more troops cons:she could turn on the horde(now i KNOW that will not happen becasue of gameplay reasons, but a good leader would have questioned it)
also she is using a form of plague on her enemys that they had told her not to use.
He even told thrall that he doesnt even want to be warchief.
He says that he would rather lead like an elite force of warriors or something like that, but he takes up thralls offer so and honors him for it.
So he is not really a bad guy just more aggesive than thrall.
His aggesive behavior has helped the horde clam more land and more money/resoures
as when thrall was warchief they were pretty much broke and out of resoures
so that my wrap up for now
thank you for your time

here is a link for dialogue in cata and other info:
Why don't you like garrosh?

I'm not really Horde, but I can answer for you.

1) He's not Thrall.
2) He's not Saurfang.
3) He's not Cairne.
4) He's not Grom.
5) He's not Doomhammer.

6) He's viewed as being too much like Varian (I don't see it myself, as Varian is more intelligent and wiser).
Because he's consistently proven to be a strategic ignoramus who uneccsarily plants Horde soldiers into the ground with every bone-headed move?
He's also a bit of a hippocrit?

"Honor abiove all el- is that a fleet of unprotected and completely vulnerable alliance ships? QUICK! Attack from behind while they can mount no defense!"


And because he's something of a racist jerk that doesn't give the players any credit.

He's getting better though. Slowly. He's a fun war leader but he needs to get better if I'm actually going to like his character. Like if he went through a Hero's Journey or something.

lolotea so you dont think that the LK is cool or deathwing?
what do they do? they kill
what do they kill?
well a lot of things incuding little kids
would you not want to join their faction if you could?
also that is called the past
garrosh is already becoming more mature and a smarter leader
he even says that he learned alot from saurfang during the war on the lich king

Odok good point
and a vaild one at that

tyranus just because someone is there doesnt mean he has had his call
and if you want to go any farther in that subject he is a hero of the horde and his call now would be becoming the warchief in thrall's place so his story is just being (which is part of the bigger story that is about thrall)

people note: this is garrosh thing is based in the current time in wow which is when he is the warchief not over a year ago in lore
This thread amuses me.

Garrosh is like Deathwing and the Lich King? Ok, as an Alliance player I will run with that.
i do agree with you on the abrupt changes but blizz didnt really have the tools to show the changes in game at the right paste.
they only have so many cut sences in the game with garrosh to show how he changes which is where you get the abrupt changes and so on. if there was many a book or so foucsed on this subject then we could explore the subject deeper
also not all chars have to act to show that they have changed
he could have put much thought into what would be better for his people but thats a poor way to show change(unless in a book where it could show us his thoughts)
but i still like him as a character
he is also trying hard to lead the horde now as he already knows he wasn't fit for warchief
you have to admit that he has done some good things with the horde(as in cata)
he is still a developing character and a dynamic one at that, but i have faith in blizz and garrosh as warchief

anywho thanks for the feedback also i didnt mean to be so aggesive :)
i for one like him .

just found a funny pic of garrosh here is the url:
Look, I have Garrosh all figured out. I bought the Shattering book, and looked at the illustrations in the back.

Then I looked closer at the picture of Garrosh and Cairne in the mak'gora.

Then the phrase "compensating for something" popped into my head.
Garrosh doesn't seem like the guy who would give his dying breath for the Horde. Thrall will in a heartbeat. Garrosh doesn't know how much diplomacy helps, he is still too hurt by the past. Thrall will do ANYTHING to keep his people safe, even if that is siding with the opposing faction. Garrosh acts on instinct and will make hasty decisions. Thrall will give things great thought about how exactly it would help and hurt the Horde before making a decision. Garrosh has the Hordes fighting spirit. Thrall has a leaders caring spirit. Garrosh will be swift to defend his honor for the Horde. Thrall's honor is the Horde. Garrosh lets his emotions get the best of him. Thrall uses his emotions to power him.

I'm not saying that Garrosh won't be a good leader, but he's no Thrall.

TL/DR: Garrosh is a Horde. Thrall is the Horde.

It's not that I don't like the idea of Garrosh as Warchief, it's just I don't like the idea of anyone else as Warchief.

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