Sense Undead

So, it doesn't really bother me that Sense Undead's been removed from the Paladin skill set, but I am curious: does anyone know the exact reasoning it was removed?

Hunters retained their Track X skills and, while not overly useful, Sense Undead did fit with the lore of the Paladin and was fun little utility to have. I'm just curious why they decided to do away with it, if there's even a reason.
It's become passive.
Oh, wait, really? If so, I definitely haven't noticed it.

/me checks it out.
Checked, and it's definitely not passive. Guess I got tricked. :(
wow. I didn't even notice it was gone until you said so.
Sense Demons is passive for my Warlock, but Sense Undead seems to be gone from my Paladin. It certainly isn't passive, since it wasn't working the last time I went into ICC.
When 4.0 was released there was a glitch, that if you had sense undead on before the patch, you had it passive after the patch.
Was fixed of course though.
Its Ghostcrawler slowly making us worse by taking away small skills wait till he takes away our major ones
Add it to the list of missing skills with no explanation of why they are gone: sense undead, divine intervention, and sacred shield.
DI seems to have been removed due to them changing how wipe recovery works. also i think people were doing strange game breaking things with it

sacred shield was baked into holy paladin's mastery

not sure why we lost sense undead ( yes, our glyph was kind of OP) but it was a nice little lore thing that i thought was really cool.

Taking bets on : "Provided a slightly unfair advantage in rated battlegrounds to paladins when facing Deathknights with active ghouls running flags backwards wearing tube-tops and parachute pants."
Sense Undead was [somewhat] useful in WotLK considering the majority of mobs running around were undead and, of course, you could glyph for a 1% damage increase if you had Sense Undead active.

Now that the glyph is gone, and Cataclysm won't be crawling with zombies they probably figured it was a superfluous ability and trashed it.

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