---MOONKIN LF 25s in Cat 3/4d, PUSH FAST---

Guild Recruitment
Hello all.

I am currently in the market for a new home for my Boomkin come Cataclysm. I have raided since Vanilla WoW (at which time I was a holy paladin through BC), and have been playing my moonkin since the end of BC.

Throughout the years, I have led guilds, raids, been just a normal player, and about everything else in between. I have been part of highly competitive raiding environments, specifically in BC, where I raided in a top 120 guild, killing everything pre nurf. While I took WoTLk a little more laid-back due to playing with RL friends (still managed 11/12HM ICC), I've been chomping at the bit to get back to the elevated play found in competitive top-notch guilds.

What I'm looking for:

-- open spot for a moonkin
-- 3 nights ideally, possibly can do 4 depending on times
times must fall between 7 CST - 1am CST. Can't raid any earlier. End time may have some flex.
-- a guild that has a history of competitive success in PVE (i.e. 12/12 HM pre nerf)

-- i can NOT raid Wednesday's consistently (at least until May) (so either don't have wednesday scheduled, or be OK with me being MIA)

-- medium/high to high pop server
-- competitive progression between other guilds of same faction on server
-- an active pug/alt raid/pvp setting for off nights and late nites with main or alts
-- I'm open to horde or alliance, but probably prefer alliance at the time being, as that's what I currently am

THe points that are bolded above are the most important to me. The rest are just kind of "in an ideal situation."

If you think that this sounds like your guild, please post below. I'll do my best to check back frequently.
bump for feathers.
We aren't 12 of 12 in HM ICC but we were a reroll that started late in ICC from a Guild that was top on the Server up through Sindragosa then rerolled and built it back up to a 11/12 HM guild and looking to get back to our #1 status and is why we are pushing for Cata read below and stop by if you like..

<Exile> is an Alliance end-game progression raiding guild based on US-Blade's Edge. Thanks to the dedication of our raiders, we currently are among the top-ranked guilds on Blade's Edge.

About our Current 25 man Progression

11/12 ICC Heroic 25-man

12/12 ICC 25 normal

What are we planning for the Expansion?

As a re-roll of another top guild on Blade's Edge early in the ICC release, <Exile> was formed last April with CATACLYSM in mind. Our focus is to set the pace for raiding progression on Blade's Edge. Our members have spent a significant amount of time planning and organizing for the release of the Cataclysm expansion and several have participated heavily in the beta. We are currently looking for new members as we transition into CATACLYSM.

We are Currently Recruiting the Following Class/Specs

Holy Paladins

Arms Warriors

Elemental Shamans

Resto Druids

Balanced Druids

Enhancement Shamans

Rogues (All)

Holy Priests

Discipline Priests

Mages (All)

Death Knight (Blood Tank)


Due to the significant changes to raid lockouts and ID's. The days and hours listed are for both 10 and 25 man teams

Team 1:

Tuesday: 8pm - 12am

Wednesday: 8pm - 12am

Thursday: 8pm - 12am

Monday: 8pm - 12am (Only on progression pushes once in a while)

Team 2

In addition to our main progression 25, we also offer a second “Team 2 Run” which we also use as a trial run for applicants and as a chance for sub-raiders to gear up and gain experience. Many raiders use this raid as an opportunity to get a foot in the door on the progression team. Currently this run is open to ALT's, PUGS and Friends of the guild but it is our goal to fill this roster with skilled guildies. If you wish to apply for the 2nd team, please specify in your application. If you wish to join the run as a PUG PST Murc, Kavaraaris, or Terrorhealz or send either of us an in-game mail. Invites go out via in-game calendar.

Sunday: 8pm - 12am (Possible extra day is Monday)

More info can be found at our <Exile> website


Our Philosophy

We believe a competitive environment and well prepared team breeds exceptional play. We also believe that chemistry, maturity, accountability also play a role in building and exceptional raiding guild. Great players who are great people to be around is the essence of what we are looking for. We want to fill our guild with mature, funny, thoughtful, highly competitive people who are also a pleasure to spend time with. We feel that we offer a great home/opportunity for players who wish to successfully compete in end game progression.


Stable Internet Connection & Computer - If you DC a lot or your computer crashes in critical fights you may not be a good fit here.

Dedication – As a guild, we have goals that we wish to achieve. We cannot achieve them without a consistent raid team. Nothing kills progression more than having to constantly replace raiders week after week. Ultimately, we want you to be able to show up to raid every week and on time and with very little absences.

Humility - We are not looking for people who base their success on how much DPS they can push. we are looking for people who want to do the fun stuff like staying out of the portal on big bang, or understand that target switching is pretty important. The ideal person is someone who will do what is needed for the raid to be successful regardless of what it does for their personal numbers or performance..

Making us a Priority - In Cataclysm, <Exile> will be aiming at competing for server first raiding. Therefore, PVE Progression should be your priority. We look for significant raiding experience in Wrath content with Heroics and Hard-modes being a big plus.


You should enjoy playing the game. <Exile> is a very active guild and we love members who actively participate. This means that we want our members to create a community of people who enjoy playing together and socializing and not merely a guild of players who simply raid together.

If interested, please apply at our website:

Hi Smooshed! We're currently recruiting 1 Balance Druid to join our 25 man raid team for Cataclysm. We like your experience and attitude, check us out!


Guild Name: <Tranquility> - http://www.tranquilityguild.com/

Server: Andorhal PvP, EST (located in New York datacenter)

Faction: Horde

Cataclysm Raid Format: 25-man

Raid Times: EST
-- Wednesday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am
-- Sunday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am
-- Monday -- 7:15pm - 12:00am

Notable Raiding Accomplishments:
- Halion25H to 17%! Halion10H killed 9/13/10.
- LK25H to 40%. Continuing to make progress. LK10H 9/12/10.
- Halion25 Normal down 7/5/10.
- 11/12 Heroic ICC 25 5/23/10.
- 5/5 in 25 man ToGC with a Tribute to Insanity.
- 9/9 HM in Ulduar25, including Yogg+0.
- 25 & 10 man drakes from Icecrown Citadel, Naxxramas, and Ulduar.
- The Immortal when it mattered.
- Kil'jaeden killed pre-WotLK.

Our Current Needs:
We are actively recruiting the following classes:

- All exceptional DPS, excluding Warlocks.
- All exceptional Heals, excluding Priests.
- All exceptional Tanks.

We are also looking for a few DPS,
All exceptional players are always encouraged to apply regardless of recruitment needs. If you think you can earn a spot on our team, you're more than welcome to try. Apply now at http://www.tranquilityguild.com/

About Tranquility:
Tranquility has been a successful raiding guild for over 3 years, and with our strong core, we'll be a force in Cataclysm as well. Most of our players are in their 20s and 30s, and while we don't have any age restrictions, we prefer our applicants to have a basic level of maturity. Our guild name is respected on the server, and we pride ourselves in that. Our main goal is to clear all current content, while still maintaining a fun, playable atmosphere for our members. On our off nights, you'll find such optional activities as: Alt 25 GDKP runs, 10 mans of varying difficulty and accomplishment, BG groups, and the normal smattering of Arena junkies. We're very excited about Cataclysm, and we plan to be at least as successful in the future, as we are now.

About Our Raids:
In our raids, we like to keep a loose attitude for trash and for farm content. You'll find us joking around in vent, and generally carrying on. For our progression fights, however, we're a bit more serious, as we're not only there to enjoy the game, but to kill bosses as well. Our raids are not without criticism, so thick skin is a bonus. If you are looking to join a mature guild, that still kills progression bosses without raiding 6 nights a week, then Tranquility may be the place for you.

How We Handle Loot
Our looting is done via Loot Council. Among other things, the council considers your attendance, your performace, recent loots, as well as the size of the upgrade for each piece of loot. As a general rule, our Raiders will receive loot priority over our Trials, but we don't have a policy of denying all loot to Trials. We're not jerks.


Working Ventrillo and a Mic is required for raiding.

Contact Zao, Gutrot, Kilthos, Stissy or Almightyone in game for more information.

Apply now at: http://www.tranquilityguild.com/
thanks all for the replies. getting closer to the kinds of guilds I'm looking for, but most people replying still raid on Wednesdays, which I cannot.

Bump for goodies!
Guild Name: ◄Vox Radix► Darkspear-Alliance

Raid Times: T, W, TH, Sun, 7-11pm Server Time = Mountain Time

1) Recruitment:

► Holy Paladin - I prefer that anyone with interesting in apping prefer to be extremly amazing at this class/spec.

► Death Knight

► Resto Shaman

► Boomkin

► Enhance Shaman

► Holy Paladin

► Warlock

► Hunter

► If your class is not listed, please apply anyway, we are always looking for exceptional and dedicated players.

2) Raid Progress:

Server First Naxx

Server First Malygos

Server First Grand Crusader (US 217)

Server First Heroic Lich King

12/12 ICC Heroic 241

11/12 ICC HMs Top 200

Bane of the Fallen King

Glory of the Icecrown Riader US 85

Glory of the Raider US 42nd

Yogg + 0 Lights - Complete

Server First Immortal & US 11th achievement

3) Requirements:

► Experience with encounters that are out presently

► Ability to keep up with the encounter mechanics and our raiders

► A computer decent enough to not lock up or lag consistently + No DC's -- Good Raid Fps/ Ms

► HIGH Situational Awareness - If you cannot move out of malleable goos, defile, or walk to the correct position with ice tombs, then we're not the guild for you.

4) Contact Info:

Server: Darkspear-Alliance

Contacts: Tilgare, Minnoa, Hermione, Kiona(GM).

5) Apply:


For more info about our guild, visit : http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/darkspear/Vox+Radix

6) World of Logs:

Pandorum is a raiding guild on the Kil'Jaeden server geared toward pushing PvE endgame content. To us, a Guild should be formed of players who aren't just interested in epic items, legendary weapons and what is best for them. We look for raiders who put progression before oneself. We are not ignorant to the fact that we all need to upgrade our gear, however we realize that we can't get these things without the help of our fellow Guild Members.

We do not tolerate whiners, beggars, ninjas, or general idiocy. When you join <Pandorum> you are a representation of our guild, and you are expected to wear the name with pride and respect for yourself and others, both In-game and on forums.

RS25 4/4
RS10 4/4
IC25 12/12 (11/12HM)
IC10 12/12 (11/12 HM)

Weekday Raid: Tues-Thurs 7-11pst (10-2est)
Weekend Raid: Fri-Sun 7-11pst (10-2est)


Weekday Raid Needs: These Are Core Spots
-Druid :: Resto/Feral Tank/Boomkin
-DK :: UH/Frost
-Warrior :: Fury

Weekend Raid Needs: These Are Core Spots
-Shaman :: Enh
-Druid :: Resto/Boomkin
-DK :: UH/Frost

Even if your class is not listed if you feel you are an exceptional player who is in line with our progression, please feel free to apply. With that being said, Pandorum is OPENING UP RECRUITMENT for any skilled player who wishes to join our ranks and push end game content. We are always looking for new comers to challenge our existing members for CORE spots!

*A desire for success
The group is only as strong as the individual. If one person doesn't want it as bad as everyone else, the group will fail.

*You are extremely well-versed with your class
You should know EVERYTHING about the class you play, including how to get every ounce of performance out of your character. There are tiny nuances to every class that separate the good players from the great.

*Situational awareness
If moving out of raid mechanics is hard, then we are not the guild for you

*Responsibility for your actions
If you mess up dont deny it. We dont want to hear excuses just dont let it happen again

*Stable Internet Connection

*You need to be able to pay attention for long periods of time

*You need to be able to tolerate constructive criticism
If you can't deal with what is at times a high stress environment, then you may need to consider going elsewhere. This is an environment where success and great gameplay is rewarded

We know sometimes things happen that cause you to be late but repeated instances will get you removed

* A tight roster of dedicated players who show up to raids prepared and ready to progress
* A fun raid environment that's fairly laid back and casual while still pushing heroic content.
* A stable, fun and welcoming guild atmosphere; we are drama free and personable.
* Mature guild. No one under 18yrs of age.
* A fair loot council that awards gear based on attendance and performance
* An active group of players who sign on for 10 mans, pvp and general fun outside of raids
* Competitive progression with an extremely light raid schedule
* A focused and efficient raid environment
* An active leadership who is open to suggestion
* A shares system where you buy into the guild and get paid just for being a member

Think you would be a good fit? Please apply at our website

Have questions?.
Please contact Ruwon, Cupkate, Zamael, Lockdwn or Inviegh.
Recruiting NOW for Server first Light of Dawn and Cataclysm!

"Would like to encourage players interested in 25 man raiding in Cataclysm to apply. When Cataclysm releases, we will be demoting all current raiders to member status. This will level the playing field, and all members will have to then earn their spot in order to become a raider."

<Notion> of Ravencrest is currently recruiting for ICC 25 man progression and Cataclysm. We are a dedicated raiding guild looking for quality players who have a high sense of situational awareness and are committed to maximizing their character to its utmost potential (This means knowing your class/spec well). We have no tolerance for people who come ill-prepared for raids and have not researched the fights. We use World of Logs to evaluate our raiders. So, be prepared to be scrutinized if you are under-performing.

We also value ppl who are punctual and show up! We don't want flaky raiders!


11/12 (HM) ICC10, 11/12 (HM) ICC 25
Glory of the Icecrown Raider 10 Man
Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25 Man
RS 10/25

Current classes that are in HIGH demand (updated 11.18.10):

1 Resto Druid
1 Disc Priest

Medium Demand

1 Ele Shaman
1 Enhance Shaman
Warlocks (all specs)

All VERY skilled HEALERS and DPS are welcome to apply. Your application will be reviewed. If it is deemed EXCEPTIONAL, we will extend a trial.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WE FAVOR COMPETITIVE RAIDING SPOTS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


25 man Progression- Tues/Thurs 7pm-1030pm CST (a third day will be added once Cata raiding begins, most likely Mon.)
10 man Content- off nites(days vary) 7pm-1030pm CST

We use Loot Council to distribute loot.


Please visit http://www.notion-guild.org
up. finallly starting to see some non wednesday options, but still open to things.
Multa Nocte of Moonrunner -- US PvE
Adult, hardcore, 25man Heroic Progression
Later Night -- 9:30pm (pst) invites; 10:00pm (pst) first pull; Midnight (pst) end of raid
Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Monday

Multa Nocte is ranked 7th on Moonrunner in current progression and was so the day patch 4.0.1 went live. We are not satisfied with that, we are a guild on the rise. Two of the guilds ranked above us, have fallen apart and two more are in trouble. Meanwhile, we have been aggressively taking steps needed to push Multa Nocte into the Top 5 on Moonrunner in cata and at very least challenge the top guild for some realm firsts. We are good enough to take shots at realm firsts.

Multa Nocte has strong leadership and we have only been recruiting the highest level of talent. All our members are adults and mature -- no drama. We achieve our progression in only 2 hour raids, four days per week. So we must have efficient and productive raids. These shorter raids are the key to our success; it keeps our members focused and reduces burnout. It also makes everything we achieve, all that more special to us. We have not capped our potential, we are just going to continue to uphold our strict standards and see where it takes us. Maybe we are not US Top 100. Maybe we can be. maybe we wont come close. Our only goals are to only recruit the finest of players who are mature, adult, highly experienced and to kill as many progression bosses as possible, as soon as we can and have a blast doing so.

We have alt runs on raid off-nights and also have a core group that plans to try forming a rated BG team in cata.

Check us out and send us your application:
I know you can't raid on wednesdays but we do run multiple groups and some dont run wednesday

<Perpetual Divinity> is a guild that has been around for the last two years and has recently
been reformed on Turalyon after months of being apart. We are a 10man focused progression guild with the intent on competing for server firsts in Cata. In the few weeks that we have been together we have gone 12/12 HM (Bane of the Fallen King) in 10icc with drakes. As well as completing Herald Of The Titans. We do not recruit for the bench. All spots are core. Raid days and times are Tuesday-Thursday 8:30-11:30 pm EST.

We are recruiting the following classes as we move into Cata and finish out wrath.

Prot Warrior Or Bear Druid
DK or Prot Pally

Disc/Holy Priest
Resto Shaman or Resto Druid
Holy Paladin

Fury Warrior
Boomkin or Ele Sham

pst myself the ø is alt 0248 or anyone in guild to speak with an officer. visit perpetualdivinity.gplegion.com to apply

still looking.

agaain, im not interested in 10 man focused guilds, nor guilds that didn't complete 12/12HM icc25. I want the precedence of excellence and competency.

If your raid times dont match what i can raid (i.e. no wednesdays, unless its after 10CST), then i'm not interested.

Keep them coming! Thanks!
Hi Smooshed, our guild in Wrath was called Relapse, one of many that ended up 11/12 hm (July 2nd) tied for 2nd on the server at the time when it was relevant and 12/12 HM ICC 10 man. After our break we finally decided to reform on a new realm. We've decided to change realms to better centralize the data base for our players and Hyjal seems to be a dying realm as far as a good player base goes.

You can check out our progression dates here under the name "Relapse":

We're moving to Eonar over the next three weeks where we intend to raid 25's at a hardcore level 4 nights a week. The officers trimmed the dead weight this month and with 20 full time 100% attendance raiders forming the core there are a couple spots left for the tight knit group we're aiming for and a core spot for a moonkin. Also, your previous raid experience is a huge plus for us. As far as alt runs go, we're looking to set up a 10 man alt run. Also, if you're interested in doing rated BGs as a guild, that's a plus for us.

Our times are Thurs - Sun, 8p - 11p EST / 7p - 10p CST. The server is PvE, slightly Alliance heavy and top 80 in raiding.

If you're interested, I'd like to set up a vent interview with myself, you and the GM of Virtuosity.
For more information you can visit http://virtuosity.dkpsystem.com/news.php
Or you can contact us at VirtuosityGuild@gmail.com or send a whisper/IGM to myself or Silane.

Edit for CST time conversion.

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