Paladin Avatar Thread (you know you want to)

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My guy doesnt need any 'cool' looking gear. hes just awesome
I can't wait til this avatar is a big, black, coc... I mean cow.

I picked this outfit so I'm pretty ^_^
I'm not sure how much longer I have before my free 7 days expires, but I'll be sure to put on Bananaforge before then for my single-teared farewell.
I don't have any cool gear to put on before i post here.

How 'bout skin cream?

/end male belf joke
Not enough guys in pink dresses, imo.

There's a friend I know who used to put a pink dress on his death knight and dance under a beam of light in between raid pulls. It's wouldn't have been so bad ... except his dk is a night elf.
Sportin' my huge-@ss 1h sword.
Face it, you wish you had tusks like mine.
Judge Iru Judges Justice
K, I'm ready for Cata with this.
K, I'm ready for Cata with this.

Footman Thorium armor should be the T11.

Ahhhh crap im in my poopy prot pvp OS gear :P, at work so i can't log.

Ill repost later and show off my smexy female human grand marshall set
I finally got the tier two shoulders last week. Feels good man.
Not to toot my own horn, but I am positively dashing.

A real dapper gentleman, I am.

*adjusts monocle*

One two-hander away from being a paladin,
Genar Tornspart.

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