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Guild Recruitment
D E A T H by C U P C A K E

A Top Horde Guild on Twisting Nether.

Raid Schedule:

Tues - Wed - Thurs 7:30 PM to 11:00 PM Central Time.


ICC - 25 man 11/12 Heroic; 10 man 11/12 Heroic
Halion down.

Guild Perks:

We use our guild funds to pay for raider' repairs and provide all enchants and gems for our raiders.

Our Roster:

We keep a very small raider roster, so we don't have raiders sitting on the bench.

We have a few raiders that won't be raiding, after the expansion, and are seeking to fill their slots.

Come join us in ICC as we get ready for Cataclysm. All pro apps will be considered.

Available Raid Slots:

Unholy Death Knight: 1
Frost death Knight: 1

Throw up an App at: http://deathbycupcake.guildlaunch.com ; or whisper any Officer.


Additional Information:

Here is some additional data concerning my guild experience. Hopefully it will better convey the flavor of our guild.

December 2004, my son introduced me to WoW. I loved it. Rolled Ally. Cranked out two Grand Marshals, a Mage and a Shadow Priest. Did the 40man instance thing that, although raids were supposed to end at midnight, would often drag on until 3 in the morning. Needless to say, I became unhappy with the long raiding hours, the emerging politics, the crappy DKP system, which favored only a few, and the ever growing immaturity of the guildies ... so I rolled Horde on a different server and never went back.

As a Horde, I did the High Warlord grind on a Shadow Priest and almost a Shammy before they nixed the rank system. Then, when BC came out, I transferred to Twisting Nether along with several other High Warlords from different servers, with whom I had become friends while we were doing the cross-server honor grind. We formed a guild and blew through most of the 5 and 10 man content. Then most of them quit WoW and our progression stopped and I, once again, found myself running raids with immature, non-dedicated kids. Vent was loud and chatty. Leadership was non-existent. I didn't look forward to raiding.


Then, 3 years ago, I got lucky. I met some folks who loved to raid, were very mature, and conducted themselves in a professional and fair manner:

Tuborg (Fury Warrior): Melee CL - Wielder of Shadowmourne and top face slasher. Pro at melee and keeping the rogues in line.

Krogn (Resto Shaman): Our Healing CL, who has a knack of keeping our healers at the top of their game.

Coffincrush (Protection Paladin): Mild-mannered main tank and Raid Lead, wild thrash-metal lead screamer and headbanger... later that night, and twice on Sundays.

Dessian (Mage): Caster CL - Our wonderfully bubbly Raider Relations Officer, keeping smiles on our faces and redness in our cheeks ;)

Then there is me Squinky (Shadow Priest): GM & Recruitment Officer, the old man with the voice of reason.

And ... many others that you will just like playing the game with.

WE ARE RAIDERS! And have surrounded ourselves with a select core of players of like mind. WoW, for me, is fun again and we all look forward to kicking butt every time we raid. Because of our success, loot is plentiful and we disperse it using a loot council system that considers attendance, skill, need, and what will help the guild most. Everyone comments on the fairness of our system.

So app, if you wish. I promise, if you're like me, it will be a whole new WoW with the tag Death by Cupcake over your head.


Thank you.


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