Troll druid moonkin form?

Has anyone seen what this looks like yet? I'm debating if I just want to make a Tauren Druid or make a Troll druid, but I wanna see what the moonkin form looks like. I've looked all over the net and haven't been able to find anything, only troll druid cat and bear forms.
It looks like the Night Elf moonkin form but it is a deep red coloured body, with black horns and face and plumage on the shoulders.
Go to The Hinterlands, and run around, and you will see the moonkin I am talking about. Its like that one.

This shows the moonkin skin that Carn is referring to. Personally, that particular moonkin skin has always been my favorite and I have always wished that druids had it. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that this placeholder is increasing my desire to race change to troll. If they go with the red color for a future permanent model, I'd be happy for sure.
That seals the deal.

Troll moonkin is me come cata.
I wish they would update the model in general. :( I love my laser chicken, but it would cool if the model was given more detail. I think the moonkin hatchling is a bit more detailed.
A giant moonkin hatchling would be OP due to cuteness.
i just don't want to be a big fat laser owl anymore, let us go on diets please blizz
I hope it's a placeholder but I don't really care. I'm more concerned with travel forms, but that's just me.

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