[H] Adept Recruiting

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
We are currently recruiting:
High Priority:
1x Feral or Rogue
2x Healer
1x Warlock

Medium Priority:
1x Ele Shaman or Moonkin
1x Tank or DPS Warrior
1x Hunter

+ exceptional players of any class

- do not make assumptions from looking at our current roster, a number of our raiders are changing mains for Cata

At this point we are primarily looking for skilled, driven players interested in progressing higher with us in Cataclysm. Gear and even class are largely unimportant, things which will stand out to us in applicants:

- High end PVE experience (eg. participated in top Oceanic / US kills, experience as a Raid Leader or GM, history of attaining WMO / WoL placings)
- High end PVP experience (eg. gladiator titles, HWL/GM)
- High end general gaming experience (eg. competitive CS player, EQ raider)
- Drive to be #1
- UI/Boss Module coding experience

Also note that all applications posted in the Applications subforum are private, and can only be viewed by Adept raiding members/officers and the poster. If you still have privacy concerns, you may PM it to Westa, and it will only be viewed by the officers.

** We will always consider exceptional applications regardless of current requirements! **

Apply at: http://www.adeptguild.com/forum/index.php?board=2.0

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