Paladin achievement points!

I love farming achievements on my paladin!
How many do YOU have?!
Meh. I used to be all about the achievement points when I was raiding full time. Also, I'm not much for PvP so having my 7380 achievement points suffices my dedication for the game.
7920 achievement points
Need 25 more points for the 9k FoS. 1 stupid fishing daily that refuses to pop, the gurubashi arena one when I stop losing track of time plus 1 more. I'll either buy it (the cheap SoH mammoth) or fish up one of the stupid rare things for it.

My wife has a few more than I do and many of my points came from help her get her achievements. Once I hit about 8500 without trying, I started to push for the 9k before Cata.
9760 i really wanna get 10k before cata. I need to finish out battlemaster!!
I'm finally working on some PvP ones, not likely going to hit 10k before Cata though :/

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