[A]<Infinite Loop> needs YOU for Cataclysm!

Guild Recruitment
Hello all,

Cataclysm is fast approaching and with it comes the new guild leveling and achievement system. Not familiar? Check it out here:


<Infinite Loop> on Proudmoore-US is a vibrant guild of more than 100 members that fits both social players, and dedicated raiders. We're recruiting players with a focus on guild achievements, and guild leveling. At 85, we'll be putting together several core raiding groups, but until then we'll be geared towards guild achieves and leveling, and all the great perks that come with them. We recruit people that make the game more fun, and have a near unheard of zero-drama track record, so d-bags need not apply.

Progression raiding has been put on hold until Cata, though we still run ICC very informally.

Head on over to infiniteloopguild.com, or respond here or send an in-game mail or tell to get on board!

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