Why not do this for Divine Storm?

Since it's coming back off the Holy Power mechanic, and they want a way to make it for AoE situations only, why not a mechanic where it starts weak but scales upward based on # of targets? Something like:

1 target - 60% weapon dmg
3 targets - 75-80% weapon dmg
6+ targets - 100% weapon dmg
The only problem with the argument that Blizzard is discouraging AoE is that frost DK's have gotten extremely powerful in the AoE department with no signs of any kind of nerfing that I've seen.

However, your idea isn't a bad one, but you have to keep in mind that AoE damage is lowered depending on the number of targets you are attacking.

I know and accept the hardcap. I'm not thinking about it scaling upwards indefinitely.

Perhaps I should have said "6+ targets" .... gonna change that.

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