Skinning issues in dungeon?

I didnt see anything about the requirements for any professions changing in the patch notes so I am hoping this is just a bug but upon doing Drak'Tharon Keep I attempted to skin king dred and it told me I need skinning 455...
Someone mentioned that "skinning" Flame Leviathan had its Engi requirement go up too. Bug probably.
ya all the ones in azjol'nerub need 455 too. bummer. they used to give like 8 leathers a piece.
I doubt it's a bug, ie a programming error. More likely it is a change to the formula for working out the skill needed to skin a level X mob, so that things are balanced for Cata - unfortunately balanced incorrectly for right now. I wouldn't expect a fix on this one before it becomes moot in Cata.

If nothing else, it gives a reason for having kept your Finkle's Skinner and having a pair of gloves with Enchant Gloves - Gatherer on them.
Hurry to UBRS and get Finkle's!
Same thing happened to me. Skinning 455?? How many thousand mammoths must I eradicate to get those extra five levels?
Get the Zulian Slicer or Finkle's Skinning Knife before they disappear. Both add on to your skinning ability.
sartharion requires skinning way a finkles is going to fix that

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