Crusader Strike and TV clarification please!

I logged on today to find that CS had been buffed according to the tooptip from 162% weapon damage to 202% weapon damage both as ret. I went to test it on a dummy and it didn't feel like it was hitting any harder but maybe it was. Anyway I assumed it must have just been a tooltip correction but if this is the case, Templar's Verdict still hits much higher than cs and it's tooptip still says 225% weapon damage at 3 hp. If the CS tooltip had been corrected why hadn't the TV tooltip been corrected to show the appropriate damage? And if the tooltip changing from 162% to 202% was an error in itself then why does it appear that a crusader strike does in fact do about twice what one of my melee swings do while Templar's Verdict does about 4 or more times what my melee swings do? (Basing all the numbers on non crits)

At least one of these tooltips is all wrong. (I did notice that many of our other spells had their tooltips for damage updated correctly as far as I can tell)
I can't get the math right at the moment because it's been a long day at work but talents like Crusade are reflected on CS's tooltip but not TV's. TV's 225% translates into 293% after Crusade.

There's something else I'm missing (bonus wise) providing a 5% boost to CS that's reflecting on the tooltip -- it shouldn't be the Communion buffs but it might be. Not at home so I can't test it.

%30 (Of Weap) increase to CS?

3k increase to HoW?

500+ increase to HW?

350 to Exo?

Am I reading this right?

All of those changes have been active since the hotfixes that went in after 4.0.1 launched. These are just tooltip corrections.

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