Rogue - What profession to drop?

I just picked up this game again (quit around the time last expansion hit, but Cata is pulling me back in)... I am currently a BS / JC and have done some looking around but I cant decide what one I should drop for Mining so I can start leveling again?

Any suggestions? Its been so long I dont know if the weapons available with BS will be worth keeping it for... any help is appreciated. I dont think I want to keep them both and spend gold to powerlevel the professions.
I just did a crazy thing on my Druid who has Alch/LW....I dropped the LW to get Herb because I realized...

1. I won't have a decent way to supply either profession with mats...
2. I won't make any money off either for a while
3. I'll have to spend money to level both
4. If I can gather, I can also sell those mats too

For all these reasons I'd recommend a similar strategy as BS is a wierd prof for a Rogue anyway. I'd keep JC, it's a good one, and good at making money later. For the 2nd Mining is obvious, but if you want to be risky and get Enchanting or something, that'd also work.

It really depends on how much cash you have now, what alts with what profs you have, and what you intend to do. For PvP, Engineering is really good. Mining wouldn't be, etc.
Yea, the BS was for min/max back in the day (hence my MH weapon, it was the soul reason I powerleveled it) Just wasn't sure if there would be comparable weapons in Cata.

JC / Mining will prob be my final choice... just not looking forward to the mine grind again, I have done it 3 times. I dont suppose they have made it any less painful over the last 2 years?!?
I recently leveled it a couple of times. It wasn't *too* terrible when I bought ore and smelted it to get the levels. But you still hit those dry spots where you actually need to go hit things. Only good news is most of old world/BC tends to be pretty abandoned these days, though once Cata hit probably not so much.

You'll hit a lag around Tin and again with Iron. Next one would be Thorium, just go to Burning Steppes, tends to be good out there. Once you hit Outland it's relatively simple.

The only less painful part is you get all the ore in 1 hit now, like herbalism. No more node stealing. Goes faster, a little, at least.

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