Reforging and the PVE holy paladin

What should I reforge for as holy PVE? Haste? Mastery?
If you watch what procs you get haste is not all that useful anymore in WotLK. WoG and Holy Shock both being insta cast and reducing HL/DL casts reduce haste stat priority.

I would say the balancing factor atm is your spirit or in combat regen. Just get enough to keep you casting in whatever current content your killing with Divine Plea on cooldown, whether they be normal or Heroic 10/25. I currently do not reforge into spirit except if I plan on doing Heroic Fester or BP. And if I do reforge I try to spread it between haste and crit evenly. But I can't see your Holy gear atm to comment if that would be the safe bet for you. I think around 500 in combat mana regen is generally sufficient for most content, hell, it may be overkill.
Haste is necessary to low your GCD to 1 second. That diminishes the efficiency of your precious instant casts.
For right now I reforged spirit into mastery, I never go oom so :D
Not to throw you under the bus Fuji, but your advice is bad bad bad. HL/DL are near useless in heroic content right now. I do use HL when I have my HS procs, but only then, DL is overall pretty useless for current content as well. By reforging into spirit you can HS on cd, HL with proc, and spam FoL for all your in between heals.

So if gear does not have haste, reforge crit to haste, if it has haste, reforge crit to spirit.

You DO realize thats pretty much EXACTLY what I said right... that I reforge for more spirit when I plan on doing HM's and that 500 in combat regen is fine for most fights otherwise.

Spirit is what we currently reforge for, but my experience comes from both reforging my crit into spirit originally and then seeing how reforging my haste into spirit worked. Honestly, I found both was rather overkill for me at my gear level unless I was doing Heroics. With a little more tuning I found that if I reforged for certain fights instead it worked out better for me. And I said in my post earlier BECAUSE I couldn't see his Holy gear that I couldn't tell which stat would be best to reforge or how.

Also, like in my post earlier, with procs both HL and DL get greatly reduced cast times and I use them then.... Which is WHY haste is not all that important anymore but still useful.

But I digress, I pretty much want to second everything that Yssta said in the post above, he said it much better then I have or did.
for wolk content, haste is still the top stat. if the gear already has haste on it, reforge all crit to spirit, mastery kinda sucks for wolk stuff.

in cata, haste will drop in priority, spirit and mastery will be worth a lot more.

I have no clue where these analysis comes from, but I assure you in HMs WOTLK, mastery was amazing good and help fill in the gap that people were QQ'ing in the pali community that palidins were on the bottom of meters.

Mastery now and 85 is our top stat outside int and spirit.

With your 400 haste and crit helm/shoulder enchants I'm still trying to figure out who carried you through a HLK 10man kill anyway. lmao

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