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Just taking a shot in the dark and seeing if there are any "casual" alliance guilds on Doomhammer who are recruiting. I'm just looking for a guild whose topics of conversation don't revolve around sex 90% of the time. Whom I can raid with in vent and not wear headphones so the rest of my house doesn't hear the cursing. A guild without explicit drama who knows how to have a good time and be uplifting.

Like I said, it's a shot in the dark. Even if you're not on Doomhammer, I've convinced my wife to give WoW a shot once she's finished her degree (Dec.) so we'd love to start in a guild anywhere if these qualifications are met.

80 S. Priest <-- Main from BC to Present
70 Warr. Tank <-- Main from Vanilla to LK
71 Fr. Mage and 7 other toons mostly 60+
FYSK is currently recruiting a few more skilled and dedicated players to compliment our raid roster in order to finish out Wrath strong and prepare for Cataclysm. FYSK is a Horde raiding guild on Frostwolf (PVP-PST). Our focus is serious, progression oriented raiding on a relatively relaxed schedule and in an enjoyable atmosphere. We definitely have little tolerance for drama and obnoxiousness so fans of blaring Lady Gaga in ventrilo, spaming anal in trade chat, or complaining about loot need not apply.

We are aggressively searching for a reliable and skilled shadow priest to fill a core position in our raid. We are looking for players with the appropriate levels of skill and experience to contribute in Heroic Icecrown and beyond. From reading your post it sounds like you are exactly the kind of player we are looking for and would fit in well with our group.

Here's some information about our guild:

Our raid days are Tuesday and Thursday 6:00-10:00 PST (9:00-1:00 EST).
We maintain a relatively light raid schedule and as such high attendance, appropriate preparation, and quick learning is essential.

We are currently 11/12 in Heroic ICC.
If you would like to look into the specifics of our progression here's the link to our wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/frostwolf/FYSK.

As a guild our focus is to keep raids efficient and enjoyable. Making effective use of our raid time is always the utmost priority. Consequently, players who cannot perform consistently, repeatedly make foolish mistakes and do not adapt quickly to encounter mechanics are not tolerated. Despite this emphasis on efficient, reliable, and precise execution, the general attitude during raids is very relaxed and casual. We have fun, joke around, and don't take ourselves too seriously. Raiders are expected to always maintain their focus and know when its time to buckle down.

We do not think it is fair to keep a group of 10 people on perpetual stand by, we recruit players to raid. The relatively small size of our raid roster further necessitates outstanding attendance from all our raiders. Furthermore, the small size of our raid roster promotes a very close knit atmosphere in guild and we all get along very well with little tolerance for drama. Our raid is comprised primarily of mature adults with career, collegiate, and family obligations, so players still in high school might feel slightly out of place.

Loot is distributed via a DKP system; DKP is earned at a rate of 6 per hour and we use silent bidding.

We expect all raiders to keep up to date with their class, gear/gem/spec in an optimal and coherent manner, and come prepared to raids with consumables and proper knowledge of boss encounters.

Finally, feel free to take a look at our raid logs to see what we've been up to and how you would fit in: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/1259/.

To apply or get more information please visit our website (http://fysk.guildlaunch.com/) or whisper Bads, Lim, Spin, Astrik, Daymoore, or Fm in game on Frostwolf. You can also email us for more information at FYSKRecruit@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading, we look forward to hearing from you!
Hi there! The Paragon sounds like a really good fit for you.

We are a semi-casual horde guild located on Executus (PVP-EST). We raid 3 nights a week: Tues, Wed, Thur from 8-11 EST (3 hrs a night, 9 hrs a week). We are currently on break from 25 man progression. Before our break we were 9/12 HM ICC 25 (very close to 10/12) and 11/12 HM ICC 10 with drakes. We have recently started recruiting to fill the few holes we have in our roster for 25 mans come Cata.

I agree that it is very hard to find guilds where the topic of conversation does not focus around sex 90% of the time. It is even harder to find that guild on alliance. We can offer you and your wife a home where people actually talk about things that happen in the real world, or theory crafting, or anything. I'm not going to lie, we do tease about sex, but the majority of this guild is in their mid 20's-late 30's and has a more mature sense of humor when it comes to it. This is also a guild with a very light raid schedule. It was made for people who have real lives but also want a progression guild.

We also happen to be in need of a good priest, regardless of spec. The 3 we had have all decided to swap mains in Cata. If this sounds good to you at all, please check out our site www.theparagon.guildlaunch.com or feel free to contact me on AIM @ luckystar0133 if you would like to speak more about anything!

Hope to hear from you soon!!
Good afternoon Celwynd,

We may have what you are looking for. Eternal Lotus on Grizzly Hills (US CST) is a casual guild that has a secondary focus on raiding. If you are still looking, I want to offer you to check out our website to help with your search www.eternallotus.guildlaunch.com.

We have several couples and families in our guild and we are very open and welcoming to people that want to join in with our traditions and game play. After looking things over and if you are still interested in us please make an alt toon on the server and use that name on your application so we can contact you easily. Or, feel free to contact myself, Irimi, in game. :)

I will give you our recruitment post just incase. We don't actively recruit but from time to time I surf the recruitment threads to see if anyone looks like a fit for us.


Primarily we are a casual/social guild with a secondary focus for 10man raiding.

We are looking for more people to commit to a limited raid schedule and blends in with our guild atmosphere. Our raiding goal is to support a cohesive 10 man team to raid on the following dates and times;

Tuesday and Thursday @ 7:45pm-10pm. Invites start at 7:30pm CST.

We have a “casual” raiding atmosphere in the sense that we don’t require you to be the best raider or have to commit to every raid. We want people that WANT to improve themselves and learn to work with their Guildies. Our goal is to play together, have fun, and accomplish feats, like downing a boss, as a team. We foster a mature and respectful guild atmosphere and expect our raids to be the same.

We are alt-o-holics and are proud of it so we are open to any class/spec that wants to play with us.

--With that being said here are some more tidbits about Eternal Lotus.

1. We are not considered a large guild. We like to get to know our people and visa versa.
2. Our peak hours are weekdays 7pm - 12am server time (CST). Weekends are more scattered.
3. We have several couples and people with young kids/animals.
4. We have many alt-o-holics!

What we are looking for;

1. Individuals that are interested in social interaction with other guildies.
2. Casual minded raiders.
3. Mature adults (Children must have an active parent in the guild)

Things we do;

1. Monthly guild events and games.
2. Raid Tuesday and Thursday 7:45pm-10pm
3. PvP any time!
4. Guild Parties (we love pictures!)
5. Guild Tournaments (Jousting, dueling etc)

Things we have;

1. Fun loving people!
2. Active Website; http://eternallotus.guildlaunch.com
3. Organized Guild Vault.
4. Scheduled Raid days/times.
5. Scheduled events.
6. Ventrilo.

If you are interested, apply to the guild website and you can contact any of the following people/characters for further questions/invite ingame; Irimi, Idalía (alt 161 for í), Wiccan, Darkhawke and Kitarah. If you don't see them feel free to ask anyone in the guild online and they can direct you to someone (possibly an alt of theirs lol).

Guild: <HodgePodge> on Scarlet Crusade-US
Raid Type: 10-man Raiding/Social Guild
Raid Schedule: Monday, Wednesday & Thursday 6:30 - 10:30p est. (as of 10-31 expect changes in cata)
Loot System: Suicide Kings/DKP hyprid. MS > OS
Contact: Jaydiss, Asheriea or Collaborator in game, pm or via website
Website: http://hodgepodge.guildlaunch.com

<HodgePodge> or 'The Podge' was founded on the idea, you dont need to take the fun out of raiding to be successful. We consider ourselves 'casual raiders', that's not to say we dont take our raiding seriously. We want to progress and excel. We just want to do it together as a team. No yelling over vent, over one person's mistake, no impersonal raid leaders, who only look at your gear to decide your value.

We were founded by a group of friends, but prefer to think out side the conventional raiding box. We work together, every success is a guild victory. Raiding is a team sport, every member is expected to contribute his or her best to add to the progression of the whole.

We dont believe gear score = skill, we believe actions speak louder than words. You prove to us you can dps as hard, heal as much, and tank as fiercely as the team needs you to, and you can play naked. Both in and out of game.

We are currently, looking for quality members to add to our already exceptional ranks, for 10 man raiding in the new landscape of the 'Clysm. We are a very dedicated group, and wish to find more like minded souls to enter the Cataclysm with us. With the changes to raiding, we believe, whole heartedly, that we can become a very real presence on the raiding scene. We only need a few more people to help us achieve that lofty goal of gaining ranks among our Horde side Scarlet Crusadians.

You'll be hearing a lot more from us, as the climate in Azeroth changes. Dont you want to be on the ground floor of this great adventure? PM us via forums, in game, or just apply on our pretty new website.

We are looking for quality players of any class/spec. Priority list below:

High Priority class/specs:
Priests (Holy)
Shaman (Resto)
Paladins (Holy)
Druids (Resto)

Medium Priority class/specs:
Death Knights
Priests (Shadow/Disc)
Warriors (Arms/Fury)
Paladins (Prot)
Druids (Moon/Feral/Tank)
Shaman (Ele/Enhan)

Low Priority class/Specs:
Warriors (Prot)
Paladins (Ret)

Visit us at hodgepodge.guildlaunch.com for more details, or to apply!
Thank you!

(Updated 11-16-10)
Hello, this is in case you're willing to switch servers! Wish you both much, much luck in looking for a new home!



My guild, Deserve Victory, is currently recruiting on Sentinels and is brand new for Cataclysm, so we're looking for just about everything. We do require ventrilo, whether you have a mic or not, just need to be able to hear us over vent. We have no discrimination against sex, race, age, ect, ect. We look for maturity in every player. We encourage players to talk about upcoming patches and ask for help with spec, gems, enchants, ect for their class if they feel lost about it.

At this time, I'm currently having a 10 man raiding Icecrown Citadel (Attempting Heroic Modes) going on until Cataclysm come out. I do not require people to come to this raid, just something to do to pass the time.


Raiding times are Wednesday, Thursdays, Sundays, and Mondays at 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM PST and have a 75% raid attendance. We have a thread if for some reason you can't make raid to post on when you find out. Please show up to a minimum of 15 minutes before raid starts, you might lose your raid spot if we have to start pugging. We would like to start raids on time and will start pugging 10 minutes before raid starts. . If a BoE item drops, it will go to DKP main spec first, if you win it you need to show the guild master or officer with it equipped. If no one needs it, it will go to an officer to AH off for guild bank repairs. If anyone wants it for offspec, you will need to talk to the officer about buying it.

DKP looting system:

The starting DKP will be 30 for all new members and new content. +10 DKP for showing up on time for raid nights. No DKP will be awarded for showing up late for raid nights, unless there is a viable excuse. If there is a viable excuse, you will be getting +5 DKP. We will still accept you into raid if there is a spot still open. –10 DKP for NCNS on loot nights. –20 to -30 for NCNS with no viable excuses on progression nights. Minimum starting bid of 5, minimum raise of bid by 5 and 3 rounds of bidding. If a tie occurs after the third round, it will go to rolls of the highest bidders. Pets and mounts that may drop in raids, there is a max bid of 60 DKP, after that it will go to rolls. We do not want anyone to use all their DKP on pets and/or mounts when their gear needs upgraded.

Little history:

Daros and I have been raiding together for over 2 years now. We have been through many guilds and have seen many different problems with each one. So after the previous raiding guild I was in, I plucked up the courage to ask him to start a guild that we both feel should be a raiding guild. We are relaxed people who just want to enjoy the game without the huge stress of people calling you out all the time. We feel that it should be more of a privet message other than embarrassing you over vent or chat. We also see people who have no idea what to put for their specs when they have extra points, what gems to get for a new piece, what enchants they should get, or advice on what they should reforge. We want to help people out who need it and are willing to ask.

Website for Application and other information: www.da-pet.com/DeserveVictory

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