Tinker/Enchant now stack

Just found this out after noticing my profile said my cloak, gloves, and boots were unenchanted. I went and bought a cheap cloak enchant just to see if it would work, and now I have both the flexweave underlay tinker and +22 agility on the same cloak! When did this happen?

Possibly because of this, it seems that the additional stats (agility on flexweave underlay and crit(?) on nitro boosts) have gone away leaving only the functionality. :\

Also: did we ever find out about more about those cogwheel sockets I heard were coming in Cataclysm?
I'm not sure about this one bro, although you could be onto something. Or perhaps our tinker still gives the bonus but Blizzard felt that it should be more of an addon rather than a replacement. Or you could be experiencing a bug, who knows right?
The MC cap works too. Free 45 stam on helmet!
Threw an Archanoweave on a cloak and it definitely still gave SP. Dunno if tossing another enchant on top negates that though, didn't try.

MC gave the stamina as well. The Nitro boots no longer have crit mentioned in the tooltip, so I suspect they're not meant to give it anymore. Oddly the cata tooltip on wowhead says belt instead of boots. Dunno if that means they're switching slots.
The bonus stats to compensate for the loss of a normal enchant are supposedly being removed (otherwise everyone would pick-up engineering for the extra 23 agility, 24 crit, 45 stamina, and the now overpowered glove tinkers that the profession perks are supposed to be based on). Enjoy the extra stats for now, though I anticipate the stats will disappear on Dec 7th when the newly revised professions are fully rolled out (only inscription was really touched in 4.0.1 because of the changes to the glyph system).

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