[Bug] New Exotic Pets Getting 21 Points

Bug Report
I am Beast Mastery specced so my pets get 4 extra points and they should max out at 20 at 80.

My Devilsaur and Core Hound (exotic ferocity pets) both were able to be talented with 21 points after they leveled to 80 from 77. Both were tamed after patch 4.0.1 and leveled to 80 pre-4.0.3, but I noticed the Core Hound's extra points tonight.

I do not think my Worm (exotic tenacity) had the extra talent.
A brand new Rhino (exotic tenacity) did not have an extra talent point when leveled from 79 to 80.

Changing talent specs and summoning the pet with the second spec fixed it. When switching back to my main spec they were un-specced and could only go up to 20. Unspeccing at the trainer also undid it.

However, after some switching around of pets, I pulled the Core Hound back out and again, it has 21 points available.

My Spirit Beast (exotic ferocity) that I had pre-4.0.1 only has 20 points.

Looks like it's just newly tamed and leveled exotic ferocities.

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