4.0/Cata AH mods?

ZeroAuctions vs. AuctionProfitMaster, I believe they are both spinoffs of QA3 (RIP), has anyone tried both? Are there big differences or is it preference? So far I've been using APM, seen a few errors but lately it's been better. Cancelall seems buggy if you try and click too fast.

Is Auctioneer coming back? Any new favorite crafting mods? I'd also love some type of inventory control so I'm not crafting (or buying) things I already have on a character somewhere. I guess KTQ can do this but it relied on altoholic which has always been buggy for me.
Like Mandorgan said, Auctioneer has been updated to work with 4.0.

Off topic slightly, I like to use APM to mass-post all my glyphs but I prefer Auctioneer to mass-post the various types of random stuff I sell on my other bank alt. I've never even heard of ZeroAuctions before now.

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