Is there wierdness with heal scaling ~60

Did a couple of RFD runs last night (level 58 and 59) and it seemed like all my heals were a lot bigger than the day before (level 57) or a couple days prior to that (level 55).

Looking at my logs, Heal was doing:
11/13: 750-1000, crit to ~1400
11/15: 900-1100, crit to ~1600
11/16: 1700-2000, crit to ~3100 (very wide spread in crits)

Renew ticks got a similar bump.

The first two seem like a pretty normal bump for going up a couple levels, that last one, though - almost double? That don't seem right.

I wish I could post the graph of this - the spread last night on Heal is strikingly different from the prior two days (min 1000 to a max of 3700) I suppose the low end may be from specific debufs - are there any in Hellfire Ramparts?

Obviously, I've upgraded some equipment and have more int now, but nothing to make this kind of a difference.

What's going on?
Yea, they scale like that, so what?
So it's normal for your output do double in the space of 4 levels?
Actually, its more like 2-3 levels, it starts to jump around level 57-58, and then around 60, the scaling slows down. It's to transition to outlands.
It's the transition from old world to Outland.

OK, that's what I was looking for. I got into those runs and was like "Where the heck are those big green numbers coming from?"

thanks all!

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