how do i get command prompt to?

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i'm trying to send some information to my isp like they've requested but i dont know how to get command prompt to write the results of my ping, tracert to a .txt file
in the searchbox type 'cmd'
If you're using XP you have to use the run command. Same thing, run 'cmd'
uh useless information i know how to get into command prompt

and that is not what i asked for either
Oh Shi ... read that wrong, sorry.

When you're done doing what you need, right click on command prompt, select all, push enter (enter is copy for CMD, dunno why).

Then you can paste that into a text file.

Oopsy ><
This article should help, too, Gamersvault.
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For a Command Prompt, you can out put things using the greater-than symbol, followed by the path and file. For example:

ping > c:\ipingedgoogle.txt

That makes it go to the text file instead of going to your screen.

Keep in mind that if you're trying to ping the World of Warcraft or servers, they won't ever reply to you since we block ICMP traffic.

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