You people need to wake up already.

And the world event stuff needs to progress faster, I feel like I resubbed for 15 minutes of questing.
happy veteran's day all, sincere thank you to anyone who is serving/has served in any branch of the military.
This week has gone...amazingly well. Ulduar25 hardmode/drake run monday.
Full clear all hardmode content on tuesday, another great week for shard drops, only need 7 more. Last night we did an Uld25 run for shards for one of our pallies, then we do yogg 0lights for the mount, which I win with a 97, wasted my invincible roll : /
cant will tomorrow night ill be getting more shards.
tried to LK 25 normal on my alt and people still cant seem to get the concept of the fight with a 30% buff.

Yeah, that would probably take a 1000% buff, just so he switches phases faster than his ability cooldowns.
Finally got my shadowmourne items last night after 1.5 nights of failing on LK normal somehow eventhough we at one point had it on farm :-/
Gave the frost dwarf thing to a friend, kept the tabard but haven't decided what to do with the other things, to sell to give to guildies/friends or to keep, I dunno :-/
Right after the LK kill we cancelled raiding till cata so I get to enjoy more time away from WoW now
Getting my car inspected today, I'm praying that nothing is wrong so I don't have to spend $500+ like last year lol.
Big, big thanks to all the veterans & all the future vets currently serving for all they do and all they've given up for our safety & freedom.

More Uld fun last night. Knocked out Thorim & Freya for those who didn't already have those HM's & got some good looks in at Firefighter, including one deep phase 4 run but had lost too many to beat the enrage. I did have a couple of assault bots on me still when P4 started & since it was very obviously going to be a wipe anyway I scored a "Not-So-Friendly-Fire" cheeve for everybody, so it wasn't a total loss. We'll probably be back in there again tonight & hopefully can knock out Firefighter quickly enough to get to Algalon or breeze through Vezax w/ his animus and take some looks at Yogg+0.
/salute to all the soldiers who have risked life and limb to make this country the greatest country in the world.

I got paid today, early payday wooowooo! Hit 65 on my druid last night, I think I have been in Outland since Sunday night, and probably have only played 2 hours each day, leveling is so damn easy its bitter sweet. Counting the days until cata, and working out 5x a week still, tomorrow's Friday I'm ready for the weekend baby!
Going along with the others up top, I would like to thank all the people who are serving and have served in the military to keep us free here in the US...also thanks to all of our allies in past and present conflicts. I appreciate all that you do!

Wow-wise, didn't do much...we have Patch again as our weekly and i got into a run where they wanted to do a full clear....didn't think it would take that long....this was on my hunter, who only does about 4k dps, well I was second on the list....most of these jokers didn't know any of the fights....the idiot DK tank, tanked Haigan on the damn platform and wiped all the range, including myself.....so I just left, wasn't worth my time lol. I will do that another day...
Naxx was a blast when it was current content. Warlock tank 4 Horsemen go go!

Now I miss my warlock tank, especially tanking Mimi's head in P3/4.
I linked my dad on Facebook to this thread and it made him smile. He's over in Iraq right now.

Thanks guys. :3
Good to hear Slaye!! I don't have any current family in the military, but my uncle served in the gulf war in 91 and I have several friends that have done multiple tours in Iraq/Afganistan.
Warriors for warriors!

That should be a slogan for a group that is all about taking care of war vets, Blizz should use some of our money to do something like that :)
Blizzard doing something philanthropic with part of the $180million/month they make in revenue from subscriptions alone? Now that's a fantasy world!
I am boycotting HP and every single piece of @@%# product they manufacture starting today.
I am boycotting HP and every single piece of @@%# product they manufacture starting today.

I am outside of work, but unfortunately my company purchases HP only....can't stand their products and their service....horrible!
Reforged to get some more haste over crit, got virtually no change on dummy but I have the feeling my dps went up in raid - it really smooths out your rage gen. Only was able to test it out on H-LK so I'll see if this new setup > old with the bosses next week.
On a side note, I think I could eat pistachios all day everyday, so long as I kept a constant source of water...they are sooooooo good!!

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