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I am kinda surprised that warriors are queuing for randoms at low levels as a dps spec. Surprised only because right now prot leveling is still pretty damn awesome for warriors. You can be the tank, and top dps while leveling as prot.
I see it a lot too ret pallys and furry warriors queueing as tanks because they don't want to wait 20 mins for a dps spot, spriests and elemental shammys queueing up as healers again for the same reason.

When the retardation gets epic is when you get into a group with a ret tank and elemental shammy healer LOL now you have both main roles being played by toons not spec'd or equipped to do their group roles properly and the fail is about to hit very hard.

I actually had a ret tank ask my warlock if I could use my void walker to tank these pulls .............................. Seriously for just being that stupid they should get a 72hr ban for abusing and wasting the time of the rest of the group.

Ehhh, the most I que up for as a tank are the holiday bosses like direbrew and the HH. I can tank them as a holy pally and hold agro over anyone lol. Other than that, I wouldn't dream of it.
I try to queue as a DPS but I always get into dungeons faster as a tank. Of course, let me just spend money I don't have and buyout a sheild and a 1h axe from the auction. It makes sooo much sense to just to that instead of be a man and just use my trusty Haunting Blade, my awesome 2h sword that adds on 28 attack power to me. What's the point in being a warrior if you can use whatever weapons and whatever fighting styles you want? It's pointless! Good luck trying to figure this out, Kitally, because I see nothing wrong with being a real warrior with a real beard and using a 2h sword to tank.

Edit: By the way, pallies can use 2h to tank because they could always heal themselves to stay in the game, right?
This is the way I see it: if you can hold aggro and not die as whatever spec, then go nuts!

If I pull aggro, either I'm drunk-wasted and can't be bothered to wait for the tank to establish aggro. Or I just realized I pulled aggro off a tank who happens to be in a non-tank spec.

I usually give myself a second or two before I unload my DPS-- I usually look for high-aggro skills a tank might use like Avenger Shield, Freakish-Loud Hammers, Heroic Throw, T-Clap, DK's Red Smoke of Death or whatever ... but even then, if I pull aggro, then I might have to question the aggro-holding capabilities of the tank.

On the other hand, if I queue as a healer and the tank goes from 100 to 0 faster than a European Supercar going from 0 to 60, then there's probably an issue right there.
Depending on the instance i will tank as ret, eg Violet Hold, Azjol Nerub. I would never dream of tanking Heroic Halls of Reflection as ret.

Just makes the instance a bit more enjoyable and go by that little bit quicker.

I gather that come Cata you will have to be in correct spec and gear to tank instances, nothing wrong with that though.
I didn't really mean DK's.. because I know they are able to tank in almost all trees if they have the correct talents.. Just saying mostly warriors/pallies.

Not anymore we can't. You need to be blood to be a tank now, specifically because of the crit immunity talent now that gear no longer has defense to grant crit immunity.
Jabroa solo's this nonsense anyway, just saddle up.
But the fact is, that you are not spec'd as a tank nor geared as a tank and you are taking the spot of someone that is properly geared and spec'd to fill that roll as a tank just so you don't have to wait to get in queue.

This statement really doesn't make any sense at all. If tanks were waiting in queue, then yeah, you are taking a tanks spot holding them back. But when there is a tank shortage across the board and more group at any given time then tanks, you aren't taking anyone's spot.

Personally, I prefer it as it gives me something to do when I'm healing.

Considering Righteous Fury, Blood Presence, Bear Form, Cleave, Whirlwind, Bladestorm, consecration, seals of command, D&D, Howling Blast, Swipe.etc, etc, etc, any non-tank spec/geared tanking hybrid can hold aggro effectively in DPS gear/spec.

And you haven't even seen bad yet...wait till you see your party's Enh Shaman put Rockbiter on his weapon...that's the time to get scared.
After leveling a pally in LFD mostly ret till outlands and then having to switch to prot and 're-learn' how to play I decided to take my War and level as prot and learn how to play him right.

I can and have tanked a few low level 5 mans as Fury but would have trouble with bigger groups.

I can agree that you should have points in said talents before you can que up as that role...BUT it does make wait times less in some of the level brackets if a DPS tank can do the job.

Total double edge I guess.
My ret pallie was constantly tanking due to bad tanks. Throw up RF, be sure to taunt and you're all good. Bad tanks are bad regardless of whether they're specced for it, and good tanks are good regardless of spec. Heroics are faceroll now with most people's gear level. This toon can solo various mobs as can most other players, who cares if you have aggro on one anyways? If you can't handle it, or the healer can't than one or both are bad.
I tend to agree that at very early levels it doesn't really matter who tanks. I successfully tanked most of BFD as a rogue after the tank DC'd.

Once tanking tools are more fleshed out though the system should be more limiting. If you want to tank then spec as a tank. After a certain point the system should require specializations to match the queue options. I wouldn't want to run with a dps tank in BC instances for example.

Adding tanking heirloom items will probably help with the leveling spec choices. My warrior alt is dps mostly because that is what all the gear he has fits with. If there were an appropriate weapon and shield he would probably be Prot.
Haven't done Northrend heroics with a clothie tanking, but have done Northrend normals and BC heroics with a shadowpriest tanking/dpsing and one other healer. Honestly, even a level 70ish plate wearer works better than he did as a tank though - he can do a heckuvalotta damage but he's pretty squishy.
I can generate more aggro, including multi-target, as Fury than as Prot.

I have 38K unbuffed Health.

If the Healer feels like having a good time, the rest of the DPS can just hang on for dear life and enjoy the ride.

I've been in instances with tanks like you. While it's kinda boring for me, I generally just stop casting on trash mobs and run rotation on the bosses for however long they last and otherwise act as offspec heal and watch out for adds. As long as you then don't whine about the recount numbers, I've no problem
Personally, as I have leveled up a warrior and druid and have tanked with them as well, I would like to see starting tank gear be easier to obtain (make epic starters easily available from the faction vendors) and at the same time, a lock out for those quing tank without a tank spec and gear. Honestly you can do instances with lacking dps.. and undergeared heals if everyone uses survival abilities and don't stand in fire, but the whole group suffers when the tank cant take the damage and dosn't produce the agro due to gear.
Never been a problem for me, even when I do get them. Why? Because I either continue dps'ing as per the norm, and subsequently pulling aggro as per the norm, or I heal marginally more, and may even see my mana drop to 97%! If they're *really* aggressive, it may even go as low as 90%! Or it is a total non-issue because I Q as a tank a lot, and tank. Very aggressively. And making healers work more than any 'dps tank' ever will, by pulling more mobs than dps tanks could ever hope to stay alive through.

Seriously, about the only difference I notice from one case to another, is that the 'dps tanks' b**** less about 'letting them do their job' than actual tanks do. But this isn't the thread to talk about the complaints I have about my fellow tanks.

This made me chuckle...

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