Wait where are the frost emblems ???????

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i think you meant in Wrath players feel entitled to do whatever they want however they want regardless of how it affects 4/9/24 other players. Just because YOU need to do an instance in 15 minutes or less because you have to go to work doesnt mean you have the right to speed run an instance simply because you are tanking. Your role is no less or no more important than healer or the dps. Unless you can solo wrath heroics right now you might want to consider working with the other 4 people in your group.

Players feel entitled to do whatever they want because they can get away with it; you get matched with 4 complete strangers for 10-20 minutes, and then you won't see them again for a long time, if ever. There's no penalty for rushing through to the end boss as fast as possible.
tanks get more points per hour finishing instances the fastest

I see this said alot...as a seasoned tank I can tell you it is bullocks. Especially when it comes to halls of stone. There are extremely few bosses that have less trash then the 2 bosses frequently skipped here. Krystallus has a number of pulls but they can be grouped together pretty easily, the rocks do little damage to non tanks. The Maiden of Grief has 3 mobs between her and the foyer. Skipping her is just plain retarded.

Maybe I would skip them if I saw my group sucked.. but if iv'e got the dps and a healer who is awake and only partially drunk, then I will def do these.

Edit: Originally said you don't get badges for completing the daily, but I just saw now that you do now. It must have been bugged and didn't show the badges in the lfd window before last patch or something.

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