PvP/PvE Hpally?

I plan on making a Holy off spec for PvP, and was curious if the gear for PvP Holy would/could still be useful in PvE? I know that most will say "No thats why theres two different sets of gear" But to me it seems possible... What does say a T10 and Relentless piece have so different? Haste/Resil... So if haste isnt that important, why not reforge the Resil into Spirit/mastery. Maby be a more resilient Healer haha. Im sure I am completely wrong but please give some input and not nerd rage. Ty.
Yeah pretty wrong. Haste is very important for a paladin. Resil has 0 use in pve (yes I am wearing pvp gear though because NOTHING at all has dropped).

Just do a bunch of heroics if you want pve gear. Pvp gear is fine (full) for 5mans, though.
Lol i would not suggest you getting into a raid with pvp holy gear! facts!

1. ^haste
2. mana regent
3. no mana pool because are heals do take some mana.
4. the gear is just no for pve.

you would be best gearing it up in your main spec with your guild or heroics.

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