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04/20/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Ahnakin
actually it is broken

The forum is functioning perfectly fine. Newbies have their questions answered pretty quickly and unsavory folks are dealt with pretty well.

04/20/2012 11:30 AMPosted by Ahnakin
Check how many RAF threads there are on guild ecruitment or server forums. Almost zero. Exactly.

So? That's not our problem. As long as there isn't any RAF recruitment in this forum no one here has to give a flying fig where it's posted. Hell Wowhead has sections for RAF recruitment so go post there if you're so distraught over posting a thread.

You see, when i began playing i had no idea how classes worked. Maybe if i had someone to help mw through raf, he could've given me some tips. many new players don't know they are supposed to go to other forums and sites to learn the best spec for their class, the best rotation etc etc.

We have a sticky with a massive listing of players who are willing to help new players get accustomed to the game, without RAF:

You have a pipe dream, my darling. You see, back when RAF/reroll posts were allowed to flood this forum, we'd get people posting back on a near hourly basis that they were powerleveled and ditched by the RAF recruiter who had promised to give them tips, gold, and camaraderie while introducing them to the game. The supposed dream pairings were about as solid as one night stands. That is why RAF is banned in this forum and will not come back.

A RAF recruitment post is neither a newbie question nor a written guide, which is another reason it DOESN'T belong in this forum.

If you'd like to suggest otherwise, head over to the Website Suggestions forum. Shooting your arguments in the foot in my stickypost won't do you any good.
I'll just say this: Any "new player" coming here already has an account.

In order to be RAF'ed, they would need to create - and pay for - a new one. Do you really want to try to explain that to everybody?
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04/27/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Sizaan
I don't really see why this thread was stickied except for the fact that it states that Blizzard doesn't want people posting RAF things here, which they could've done themselves.

Blizzard stickied the thread so it's pretty obvious that they agree with it. One of the CM's that mods this forum (Vaeflare and Criththo usually) could copy/paste my post into one of their own threads if they were so inclined but that's not necessary. By putting the thread at the top of the forum, they're endorsing it. I don't know why the color of the font matters so much to you.

As I've stated before, whining at me and everyone else here won't do a damn thing. Being snarky or snippy also won't win any of us over, especially me since you're trolling in my stickypost.

I will not edit my post.
I will not delete it.
I will not change it.

If you try to start a RAF thread here it will be deleted or thrown into another forum. Go post in the Website Suggestions forum if you want to whine at the folks who have the power to change how this forum works.

Oh how cute, a link to the Wowhead forum. A forum that has much more active moderation and much less traffic. A forum that has moderation and support on weekends. A forum that can support such a thread. That's adorable.

This forum can't support such a thread because of the weaker (maybe less frequent is a better way to put it?) moderation and much higher traffic. The SoR promotion also has an ending date so most likely the stickypost Vaeflare put up will be nuked once it expires. The RAF promotion doesn't have an ending date so like I said earlier in this thread, you'd wind up with a never-ending thread. Not to mention the dozens of spam threads because people can't keep everyone in a singular stickypost.

04/27/2012 12:31 AMPosted by Sizaan
I think this entire situation would've been handled better if a CM had posted a sticky explaining it, instead of some random person with some sense of great common sense about them.

Here's the deal. RAF threads flooded this forum to the point that it was unusable. The regular posters who answered Newbie questions petitioned the moderators to have RAF threads banned in this forum. The higher powers looked at the forum, agreed that it was in an abysmal state, purged the forum of all RAF threads and maintained said ban of RAF threads through swift moderation.

The original thread was posted by someone on the old forum who was relatively new to reading the forum but realized that our tiresome "RAF doesn't belong here" copy/paste bit in every RAF thread that popped up was getting tiresome. For months we didn't have any warning or written rule about the RAF threads - a time during which Blizzard could have made a post about the change but did not and instead just continued moderating the RAF threads. So a player made the post and it was stickied very quickly. When the new website was created, I moved it over as well as my Class/Race/Alt thread.

So for the umpteenth time, the rule will NOT change and if you want to fuss about it, at least go fuss at the right people in the correct forum.

If you have any concerns about how the forum is moderated, please feel free to send an email to: wowreportedpost@blizzard.com That would be the most appropriate place to send your thoughts.

If you think anyone is being harassing or rude in this thread, feel free to report them using the Thumbs Down button in their post.

But keep in mind, the people who stickied this thread in the first place are the Blizzard moderators, so what it says is valid or they would not have stickied it. RAF and other recruitment type threads are regularly deleted, locked, or moved to other forums by the Blizzard moderators as well. By their actions, they have demonstrated they agree--recruitment threads are not appropriate for this forum. If you wish this to be changed, please make a post with your suggestion in a forum where Blizzard will see it (perhaps General?), not in this thread.

04/27/2012 11:02 PMPosted by Sizaan
Oh look at that. People were rude to me proving exactly what I said. I just came back to this forum to see if you would prove what I said. Have a nice life :]

Not one single person in this thread was rude to you, they just corrected you and explained very thoroughly why this thread is here and why Blizzard doesn't allow recruiting in this forum.

However, YOU coming in here and trying to pick a fight with people just explaining things IS rude of YOU. You're the only rude one here. If you don't like people explaining something in a forum dedicated to explaining things, then go somewhere else. We'll continue to explain the game and the rules of this forum to anyone who asks or seems confused.
Bump for great justice!
07/12/2012 07:31 AMPosted by Gijora
Bump for great justice!

Um, this is a sticky thread. Meaning it's at the top of the forum permanently, so bumping doesn't do anything. Those old "bumping" posts were from way back when it wasn't a sticky thread but the regulars wanted to keep it on the front page so it would get more sticky votes.
This is the only thread which I have agree with. RAF is limited to subscription member only, why are posting RAF threads here? I don't attend to post for looking for player to play with...I understand this Forum is for giving advice and information about the game itself.
11/03/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Mistweavers
No they do not. You can access this forum with the free level 20 account.

Yes, trials can access this forum, but their free level 20 account is still too late to be recruited RaF because it's an account that's already been created. Just because it's not a paid account doesn't mean it's eligible for the RaF program. So even if someone on a trial account wanted to join the RaF program, they'd have to make another new account but this time with the RaF recruitment code. So the statement you quoted is true, anyone with any type of account is too late to be recruited unless they want to abandon that account and make a new one.

11/03/2012 12:46 AMPosted by Mistweavers
Also on EU forums (Got RAFed over there) this section is just "Newcomers" not labeled the same as US forums.

And that matters how? These aren't the EU forums, things are labeled differently here because the moderators wanted them to be labeled differently here.

This forum is for Q&A ONLY. The moderators and regulars here don't care if the people asking the questions are new players, veterans, returning players, trial accounts, full accounts, etc. As long as they use this forum for it's intended purpose (asking questions), and not for something that's not allowed here (recruiting, soliciting, advertizing, suggestions, whining, etc).
11/03/2012 04:57 AMPosted by Mistweavers
You missed the point, it just went right over your head and kept on going.

Perhaps that's because there wasn't one?

These aren't the EU forums, things are done differently here, and the regulars and new players alike prefer this way over the EU way. On the old pre-cata forums, this forum used to be the same as its counterpart on the EU forums, and it was such a horrible mess of recruiting posts that posts from new players with actual questions were getting ignored because they were lost in the dreck. NOW it's no longer that way, newbies get the help they actually need, and recruiting posts are relegated to the appropriate forums (Guild Recruitment and Realm forums). Don't like it? Tough. Take it up with the moderators.
If you disagree with this thread existing, tough luck. It's not going to move and the policy will not change. We fought for this policy and we're definitely keeping it - the blues even agree with us. RAF and recruitment threads have been deleted on this board for years, and that's not going to suddenly devolve into a RAF-spamfest just because you want to start boo-hooing over it compared to the EU forum.

Have a nice evening.
01/15/2013 02:28 AMPosted by Zarelitha
You are quite rude in your approach and your responses, starting from the very beginning.

Then report Icedragon and her posts if you have issues with her. You will notice however that throughout this thread she seems to be responding to phantom posts belonging to missing post #'s. Those posts don't exist anymore for a reason.

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