Problem with shifting forms while moving?

Hello all!
Since the most recent patch I seem to be having trouble shifting forms while moving...has anyone else had this happen to them? Usually it seems to happen when I'm in catform, moving both forward & to one side at the same time (ie. diagonally) and want to quickly pop into bearform. Is there a limit in WoW with the number of simultaneous button presses that can be read at once? Thanks in advance!
It could be the number of simultaneous buttons allowed simply on your keyboard. I'm not sure. I do not have this issue.
What do your shifting macros look like? Or are you using the default buttons? Also check that you don't have two different things bound to the same button?
Yea, it's going to be a keyboard issue. I forget what the term is, but you can get keyboards that allow multiple, simultaneous key presses.
I have a couple macros for shifting outta snares and such, but for just normal shifting I use the default buttons bound to some convenient keys. I play on a macbook so maybe it's something I could change system wide.... or else just pick up an external keyboard that perhaps allows more button presses. I hate playing on my laptop keyboard anyway. *laugh* Thanks for the suggestions guys. :)
Not sure if I am having the exact problem, but I definetly feel like I'm not shifting when I want to be. I seem to be caught in caster melee a lot more since patch.
All I can tell you is that I have no problems shifting while running. I asked in guild and none of the other druids do either.

The only things I can think of:
You have an addon or macro that's trying to change weapons with your shift in forms. If the weapon swap happens before you swap forms, your shifting is subject to a GCD and won't go off for 1.5 seconds.

You have a macro or spell bound to the same key as your shifting, so that it's trying to cast a spell and then shift.

Otherwise, I don't know what to tell you. Make sure you don't have any equipment swapping addons and that nothing else is bound to that key.
that you have something else bound to the same key, so it's doing something like lifebloom + try to shift but you're on GCD
Up until the last patch, I had been using BadKitty to track my bleeds and cooldowns. It hasn't been updated yet so I've been trying Droodfocus....maybe it's trying to do something that I'm not wanting it to do. It definitely seems WAY more customizable than BadKitty but really does way more than I want it to and I have most of it turned off anyway. Here's hoping BadKitty comes back soon and perhaps fix my problem. :)

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