What is your favorite Warcraft Book and why?

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The Shattering.

I found Stormrage to be ironic because the moment Malfurion became free the book was a chore to read. Not so with the Shattering, lovely incite into some characters that truly needed expansion. I was in fictional mourning for Cairne/magni, gained greater appreciation for Garrosh/Anduin/Jaina and found Thrall to be a far more whole character then the superman we've kind of seem him as since the RTS games. The Shattering really brought these characters into the 3rd dimension.
Rise of the Horde for me. As to why, I read the book maybe a month or so after I started playing when I was still of the mindset that I would never roll a Horde toon because they were "evil". After reading the book and seeing the sense of honor the orcs had and how much they'd lost, I started making plans that night to roll an orc shaman to see the world through their eyes.

To be honest, the "duology" of Rise of the Horde and Lord of the Clans is some of the best stuff ever written about WoW, especially if you're an orc fan.
Hugh Hef-ner's monthly book PlayCow. All those gorgeous heifers frolicking at the west ranch is really thrilling to view, especially the video edition. You really don't need lore when you see those heifers.
story forum i have a confession to make:

i've only read rise of the horde, thassarian's comic, about a fourth of stormrage, and a few chapters of arthas. most of my lore knowledge comes from wowwiki/pedia, wowinsider, mmo-champ, and you guys. i feel like less of a fan now. :(

of those, rise of the horde is easily my favorite. but everyone is saying how the last guardian is so great, i think i'll read that one next!
The Last Guardian.

Medivh's character is very enjoyable for me. He's basically a superhero who keeps having to save people, giving him no time to live his own life. And his powers were forced on him by his mother, who intended it to happen that way.

In the end, he finally gives in and works with Sargeras just to break out of the box that everyone around him has locked him in.
The Last Guardian
Lord of the Clans, with Last Guardian as a close second.
The Last Guardian

YOU! Argue with me! I don't care what about! Please!!!
That novella about Kael'thas, you know that unpublished one. Yeah, publish it so I can say I read and liked it.

I wholeheartedly second this.

On-topic, Lord of the Clans for me. It has the best character development out of all the WoW books I read (and I don't think I missed any), plus it also featured Grom Hellscream being awesome, and Grom is one of my long-time favorite characters. I would add The Shattering as a close second, but the pacing in that book was awkward at times (probably because I found the pacing to be a bit awkward since so many things were happening in there).

Oh, also, I know I'll regret writing this, but War of the Ancients had some good moments. Not all, but some. Namely, those that didn't deal with Rhonin being Rhonin and Krasus angsting over some thing or another.

[Side note, Vaalå here, too lazy to switch to my rogue >_>]
The Shattering, I was amazed it was a WoW book to be honest. lol
"Arthas." "The Shattering" is a close second.

Why? There is no why. It just is!!
I would have to say Lord of the Clans. It was my first book that I read by Christie Golden and loved it. The way she developed Thrall really made me come to love Thrall as a character.
Rise of the Horde for its Draenei outlook. Second to that is all of Knack's stories. From Day of the Dragon to Stormrage. :D
Rise of the Horde for its Draenei outlook. Second to that is all of Knack's stories. From Day of the Dragon to Stormrage. :D

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