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Seeing them all lined up like that, most of the T11 looks terrible to me. Especially the priest helm - looks like they're about to go deep-sea diving for sunken treasah, complete with Hollywood-style interior lighting so you can see their expressions more clearly.

They'll need the helmet to breathe underwater in the underwater zones :]
The new hlem better not mess up my hair!!! I have a rep to maintain. <3
At least we can hide our helms. Beats the hell out of that steaming pile they are giving to warriors. LOL
t11 looks best on Draenei. (intentional?)

Everything looks best on Draenei. This includes nothing.
Kinda OT but...

Rogue T11 sure isn't very stealthy. :X
i think if you dont show the helm itl look pretty sweet tbh then again the colors on the heroic version reminds me of my justicar set which was my 1st teir set :D so thats all kinds of awesome for me. <3
This set does not look like T2 and it does not include a skirt.

Therefore, thumbs up from me.
We pretty much have the worst looking set of all, other than hunters (of course) and maybe priests. Everyone else has armor that is at least a little bit iconic of their class (warrior frowny belt, lol), while ours is kind of generic. It might look better on someone other than a human male...

if u look really hard and close, it almost looks like crystal shards...

that is enough for me to suffer through it, but imo the only other class that might have legitimate complaints would be druids (overall pretty terrible) and warriors (just the helm), we BY FAR are the ugliest
So are we returning to 8 piece sets instead of 5 piece ones?
Paladin T11 is awful. Hands down the worst looking tier set. If you think otherwise.. i dunno, l2art.
I love both sets completely. I think Blizz did a great job.
I think the T11 Pally set looks tougher than the Warrior set, it's way more bulky if you ask me (i like the bulky), plus you can always hide the helm, i wonder how it'll look when i change to Tauren.

This Set is very 50/50 though, some love it others hate it, i personally love it.
That rogue set doesn't make sense at all. It looks like they're going for the set, then found better shoulders along the way.
i'm hopeful it will look better on BE's or Cow People
I'm...ok...with it for the most part for now, but i will be hiding my helm...

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