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I kinda like it, to quote an earlier poster, we've had much worse. At least it's not pink.
I will definitely put effort into getting full t11 normal. it looks very beautiful :)
Helms are almost always ugly. Turn that off, and voila! an almost cool looking set.
Seeing them all lined up like that, most of the T11 looks terrible to me. Especially the priest helm - looks like they're about to go deep-sea diving for sunken treasah, complete with Hollywood-style interior lighting so you can see their expressions more clearly.

OMG your gear! DO WANT NOW!
could be worst. look at rogues...

"hey do you hear something?"
"no, but you dont need to hear anything. look at the 'lighning up the night sky' armor that rogue is wearing while stealthed"
*both men giggle and skipping away*
*rogue cries himself to sleep*

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