Shadow concern for Cata

Hi there, i've enjoying my shadowpriest a lot more with 4.0 changes. The shadow orbs concept is awesome it allow for good burst management, but with the recent changes to shadow priest over beta im a bit concern of our future.

First off, the change to shadow orb in beta completly ruin mind spike use. It is really useless to use it. Speaking off wich, removing dots is kinda a bad mechanic to prevent overpower damage. I would suggest just making it do a higher % of damage if no dots are on.

Speaking of dots. Shadowpriest need a true anti-dispel mechanic. That 3 sec fear is really bugged ATM and in any match with 2 healer is completly CRAP. In competitive PVP every healer will prefer to eat a 3 second fear, than letting 3 dots doing around 9k tick total. That design was poorly made. Make it that if they dispel our dots then our mindspike and mindblast increase in damage. THAT would be a good counter to that. Like the shaman with flameshock it can be good to dispel it, but it can cost you dearly.

I am not alone with those concern. Most of those come from from elite pvper.

THanks for reading sorry for my english, my main langage is french.

Are you talking about a PvE or a PvP standpoint?? 'Cause that would help to put in here. Seeing as how you're talking about PvP things, and you're in PvP gear, I would assume you're talking PvP?

The only reason you would want to use Mind Spike in PvP would be if you were locked out of your Shadow spells. Other than that the cast time is too long and it removes dots, so it's not the best.

The fear is terrible, plus it's buggy on live atm so it shows up as a buff, not a debuff. The fear can be easily canceled with a cancel aura macro. They gave us a gimp thing, these things happen.

The people at AJ know that if Blizzard likes what they did to the classes then they're not going to change it, even if people complain. They should also know that you can learn to adapt through these sorts of changes that Blizzard likes to throw the way of random classes. Especially at the start of a new expansion. They may be concerned about it, but if nothing changes they're going to adapt, and they're going to do just fine.
Sorry if it wasn't clear but yes I talked about PVP.

Talking about adaption everyone must do it because it's not US that make those decisions
I'm happy you see the point with our dots protection it's really sucky and everyone agree with it.

About mind spike , it WAS really useful for swapping in arena so it had some use. But with the changes it's now crappy. Why give us a 81 ability that we will hardly use except from a few encounter in PVE? Kinda crap in my book it need revamp.

If you keep the orb like it is in beta why removed shadow weaving at the first place then? I don't mind a system that boost dot damage, but it's just a boring concept to put it into our mastery like this. I see some good use for dotting a second target, but you need to wait for those 3 orb before doing another switch and I see that force us to stick to one target since that will take time and our primary dots will be over.

I liked the concept with MB and MS, why removing it for no reason ? tuned it down if you think it's too op but stop scratching everything up.
Shadow is in a very weird position right now.

As it stands, I probably won't even bother training Mind Spike, unless I just happen to be near a trainer at the time.

Keeping the pressure of dots on a PVP target is more important then the long set up of a Mind Spike / Blast burst.

In PVE, I'm just not that concerned about getting amazing dps on trash and a Mind Blast / Death combo is just fine.

Really, it seems like spamming DP seems better then Mind Spike in most cases.

Love the change to our mastery though.
Why give us a 81 ability that we will hardly use except from a few encounter in PVE?

Because people asked for it, complaining that they were inferior on quick-burst adds.
Yeah the main reason I was looking forward to mind spike was after 5 years of pretty much the same rotation I was hoping to see a new single target high damage spell implemented, alas this seems to not be the case and I doubt I will bother training it till 85 when it will never see a place on my action bar.
another lame suggestoin from a player who cant even get shoulders....

cant even get shoulders? i stopped raiding when ICC came out and still outplay you

I'm not sure who he was talking to, but he was referring to the iLevel 270 wrathful shoulders, which neither you nor the OP have the arena rating to purchase.

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